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“You won’t go to the bath?” I asked. “No.
Not now.
I want to be soiled by you.

We silently lay about half an hour, slowly caressing each other.
I was calm, because we had a whole night ahead and the opportunity to enjoy each other more than once.
But then someone knocked on the door.
Everything that happened next was a real nightmare.
The girl suddenly jumped up quickly and rushed to the door, flinging it wide open.
The sight of the chef standing on the threshold completely confused me.
Olya instantly became different.
Falling to her knees in front of Igor, she wrapped her arms around his legs and, with a drunken, stranded tongue, spoke insane things through frequent loud sobs: – Ig-gory V-you-siljevich! I beg you! Zab-take me! I.
I am not to blame for anything !! He gave me a drink, ud-gave! I couldn’t do anything! Look! She showed him her reddened wrists.
The boss’s face twisted with anger.
I understood absolutely nothing! The assistant babbled something to her boss, but only a general meaning came to me.
org) My pathetic excuses that everything was completely wrong, Igor was absolutely not convinced.
He tried to call the police, but Olya deftly dissuaded him from it.
Like I have a family, and she does not want to break my life.
I tried to defend myself, but without success.
Everything was against me.
Igor helped his assistant put on a hotel robe and took her away.
And it dawned on me, the victim of what a monstrous setup I became.
Apathy took hold of me.
I sat on the bed, clasping my head with my hands and cursing myself for weakness. Webcam sex skype.

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