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Here, April slowly began to unbutton her stewardess’s blouse, her snow-white and elastic breasts bulging out from under the close bra.
Suzie, turning her back to Fred, was tugging at her miniskirt, revealing beautiful rounded buttocks before his eyes.
Unable to restrain herself, Fred rushed to Suzy with a roar of a wild beast, tore off her panties with one hand, exposing her alluring womb, she instinctively leaned forward, giving herself completely to the captain.

He entered her abruptly, arrogantly, while grabbing his chest with his hand and pulling at his swelling nipple April.
They gave a shriek of delight and moaned sweetly from pleasure.
Kneeling down, Suzie rounded her ass even harder, Fred continued to frantically enter it.
With each thrust, he was getting closer and closer to orgasm.
April sank beside her and was ready to take his seed into her tender mouth.
Fred, stupefied by Suzy’s screams and moans, took out his dick and stuck it in April’s mouth.
April began to suck him, and Susie leaned against Fred’s lips.
– “I am finishing, already, now.
“- Fred whispered and, taking a member, began to pour into the faces of April and Susie.
Sperm plentifully fell into the mouths, on the lips and eyes of girls who experienced an orgasm from touching their clit.
After pouring out, Fred lay back, ordering April to sit on his face with his little girl.
He dug his lips into her clitoris, gently ran his tongue over her vaginal lips, occasionally taking his tongue, or completely taking it in his mouth and sucking on her delicate pink lips.
She was ecstatic, tried to pull away, but Fred firmly held her hips with her hands, caressed them, gently squeezing her breasts and pinching her pink nipples.
Orgasm was not long in coming.
The sharp convulsive movements of her thighs were proof of this.
Fred inserted his tongue into April’s vagina and felt the walls squeeze him tightly.

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The sounds made by the girl were so sweet that Fred’s dick was again fully prepared to continue.
“Now I want to try you, Suzy.”
– Said Fred, and looking at April added.
“You were so juicy and hot, I want to see you on my dick.”
“Umm, your dick is so big and hard,” said April, launching Fred’s dick into her red-hot womb.
”April began to ride him, her hips in different directions, her moans mingled with Suzy’s moans, soaring in paradise from the pleasure of his tongue.
He gently snickled her clit, dug in his lips and drank nectar from her lips.
Then Fred

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unexpectedly pressed Suzy to his face, whispering – “The time has come, now, everything will be decided.”
“I’m finishing!” He added louder, emitting a jet of his seed into April’s scorching heat and tightly gripping his pussy.
Suzie tried to break away from his face but all her attempts were unsuccessful.
After a shudder, the captain’s body stopped, Suzy rose, Fred’s eyes were closed, and her face was completely peaceful.
That’s all “- whispered April, releasing the fallen member Fred -” Captain, died as he wanted, from asphyxiation during.
Listen! – Suddenly, Zuzy said, “Listening to someone to dock with us!” Naturally, during sex, they were all so busy that they didn’t notice a strange extraterrestrial object approaching them from Prometheus-5. , unknown to humanity, but apparently resembling a spaceship of another race, a race that lives on the mysterious planet Prometheus-5 and many features similar to the human.
– Go.
– Hmm.
In the morning I felt just fine.
Yes, and a wonderful mood, tonight, new adventures await me.
Quickly having washed and gathered, I went to my favorite university.
On the way to the subway, I noticed a familiar figure.
Kitty! Pensive face, slow walk.
I quickly overtake her and gallantly open the door.
A little confused look.
– Thank.
– nice smile.
– Always happy to help, kitten.
– Panic in the eyes.
Grinning, I pass by the stunned girl.
How out of sleep.
He called me a kitten.
But this is just a dream! Or not? ”Katya looked after the strange guy, but he had already disappeared into the morning squad of the metro.
The day will be painfully long.
Katya clearly recognized my voice.
What a storm of emotions was on her face.
The day passed quickly.
Apartment, dinner, bed, failure in the darkness.
The serpent stared at me with unblinking eyes.
Swinging from side to side over the coiled rings of a slippery body.
– Enough energy to expand your sleep.
Are you ready? – Let’s try.
– the potential of the cave is not yet exhausted, but I want to try something else.
Kitten will appreciate.
The darkness over the lake recedes.
Slowly, as if reluctantly, opens the view of the sandy shore of the island (To hell with logic! Www sex video cam.

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