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Andrew arched in the back, feeling, as his member stiffens in anticipation of an orgasm.
He removed his finger and reinserted it into himself, now deeper.
A tickling pleasant wave ran through the entire perineum, from the anus to the head.

The young man synchronized the movement of a finger with a hand walking along the trunk, and from these new sensations, he whipped, biting his lips, released a powerful jet that reached the chest, and behind it also more.
The body was shaking violently.
The sphincter ring, quickly contracting, squeezed the finger that was frozen in it.
Andrew lay, rolling his eyes, and could not come to his senses.
The falling feeling of excitement again was replaced by shame and repentance.
On the young man’s walking legs, if of course he could still call himself that, he went to the closet and, leaning on him, pulled off his delicate panties, put them in place and pushed the drawer.
Finally, he decided to see what was in the bottom drawer.
Andrew pulled the handle on himself and his eyes opened a variety of stockings and tights.
Inside it all froze.
He slammed the drawer tightly and closed the closet door.
Sitting on the edge of the bed, Andrew covered his face with his hands, resting his elbows on his knees brought together.
Bitter tears of resentment flowed down his cheeks from the realization of who he was turning into, and

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between his legs a member was treacherously swelling.
“Yes,” he breathed hoarsely.
The edge of the abyss was too easy to step over.
The first feeling is panic.
– I do not.
– It flooded with paint.
– I mean, me.
The barely perceptible coolness that reigned before in the depths of the bottomless blue eyes was elusively replaced by warm tenderness.

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“Don’t be afraid,” Alice whispered.
She retreated a step, letting the prince once again get a better look at herself.
– That’s right.
Do you want.
As if holding it with the unblinking gaze of her witch blue eyes, Alice, in a habitual movement, clasped her fingers tighter around the edge of the pink robe and slightly shifted them upward, beyond the boundaries already reached.
Feeling that he was burning alive, as if already anticipating the infernal torments that were unavoidable beyond the fatal trait, he could not take his eyes off the amazing outlines that opened to his eyes, from any grace that any sculpture of the buttocks surpassed in grace, but for some reason strangely disturbing skin folds a few inches below the delicate navel; With belated amazement, William realized that his interlocutor had neither a corset, nor pajamas, nor other obligatory attributes of the garb of a secular lady.
The edge of Alice’s robe was rising ever higher; at some point, William realized — oh, the sky — that part of the lady’s flesh, such as the frivolous cocottes — was accessible to his gaze from below — his governess, Miss Sanders, at least characterized these ladies — from the top through a cut-out cutout .
But the prince did not have time to inhale, or exhale, or even blush anew as it should; before he had time to think or feel anything, Alice allowed the edges of the dress to rise even higher – and with a very natural movement she simply took it through her head, standing completely naked before him, dressed in Eve’s costume before the fall.
– Like? She tilted her head slightly; her eyes flashed.
The prince was unwittingly surprised to find himself even now, with all the unimaginability of the spectacle contemplating by him, part of his consciousness continued to pay attention to Alice’s blue eyes.
– Do you like what you see? she whispered again.
– I would like you to admit it.
Mostly for myself.
She licked her lips, keeping her eyes on William.
Recognize it out loud? To admit out loud that he likes to see Alice naked? Like a living skin, he felt the heat of the governess’s slaps, which had once caught him in studying the drawings of ancient Greek sculptures too closely.
– Like.
He swallowed.
His heart seemed to be ready to tear the inside of his chest.
– What do you like? Alice’s eyes shimmered mysteriously.
Again, this painful desire siganut in the abyss with his head.
– See you.
Alice smiled a little, as if congratulating him on a small victory – or congratulating herself. Young cam masturbation.

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