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Here he sets out a theory: “If a lover or wife wants, an exemplary husband is obliged to suck a lover.
What’s wrong with that? If you don’t mind that your wife is fucked by others, then why can’t you suck the cock that enters your wife? You kiss your wife on the lips with which she sucked him.
I’m not talking about pussy – you lick her after another dick. ”

I was also interested in this: “The best gift for my birthday would be if my wife invited her lover to him, and with my friends flirted with her, hugged and kissed, and then pointedly went to our bedroom to have sex with him.
And so that all this is noticed and understood. ”
Here is a good temka: “I don’t think that a husband has the right to have sex with his wife if he has a small penis.
For example, I have a small one, and if my wife had a lover with a big dick, and she refused to let me in, I would not only understand her, but also kiss her legs for that.

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And this is also not bad: “What is allowed to the lover is not allowed to the husband.
The wife can fuck with her lover anytime, anywhere, anywhere.
And for the husband there may be some restrictions, for example, only in a condom, or only in the vagina, or just cunnilingus.
Or you can torture your husband – to excite, but not to let him finish, forcing him to fall asleep excited. ”
And I liked this option the most: “My wife should choose from whom to give birth to her.
I would like her to become pregnant not from me, but from a lover.
Moreover, she did it on purpose.
Better yet, that she gave birth to a black man, to let everyone know that it changes me. ”
I can still continue, or enough? – Michael looked at me inquiringly.
– Enough.
– I replied lostly, feeling that the earth was leaving me from under my feet.
– Gosha.
– my wife did not hide her confusion, – Is it true, Sergey?

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I was still thinking how best to formulate my answer, but Mikhail silently approached and tore off my shirt.
There was a second pause.
“In my opinion, this is the best answer to the question,” Michael broke the silence.
Maybe it seemed to me.
but Dasha looked at me with delight: – Cool.
– she pulled off the sheet, and I saw that instead of the hair on her pubic there was a tattoo in the shape of the letter “M”, made in the same style as on Michael’s shoulder.
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