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The flow of people here was not thick, but continuous.
She instantly, without stopping, assessed the situation: “No, I can not do that, it is absolutely impossible,” she said and accelerated the pace.
Further on our way was a brick residential building.

Not wide, four floors.
Olga walked confidently and quickly towards the hopefully open front door.
She seemed to stop noticing me.
It seems that she sat on a bench to such a state that she could hardly restrain the painful urge of her bladder.
Her body was tense.
The back remained straight as a string.
She crossed her arms over her chest.
It seemed that the tense posture could help her with something.
We burst into the house.
Before us was a staircase to the top.
Olga began to quickly climb the stairs – I followed her.
On the second floor, we met an elderly man with a plastic bag.
He went downstairs.
“And there is a higher repair,” – for some reason informed us aborigine.
Indeed, the staircase at home was in a state of redecoration.
On the third floor we squeezed past the paint ladder.
Olga energetically passed the fourth – the last residential floor – and moved higher.
She seemed to know where she was going.
The staircase led us to a small platform under the roof of the house.
There was a light – wide, oblong window let in the bright day sun.
To the right of the staircase was a door that apparently led to the roof.
I noted to myself that the concrete floor on the site was absolutely clean and, it seemed to me, even.
Indeed, quite recently, the ceiling was plastered and painted here, and, having finished, they had already managed to scoop up construction debris. Anal webcams.

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