Bongacams cortina.

Bongacams cortina.
a little seed listlessly leaves the penis.
eruption slightly recedes.
I keep barely noticeable movement with my pelvis.

scream again.
at last the seed takes over, with powerful portions pouring out.
I stop

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feeling anything, and at the same time I feel everything.
the whole body languishes in pleasure, discharging in thick abundant streams.
Julia released a member of the mouth.
licked my tongue head.
then your lips.
leaned over to the member again.
licked the remnants of semen from the head.
ran her tongue along the trunk.
touched them bridle raised.
kissed me on the lips.
I hugged her, kissing her back.
the sensitivity of the whole body is exacerbated by the orgasm just tested, and therefore I shudder, again feeling her nipples on my chest.
I embrace her tightly, my hands walk with a few convulsive movements along Yulkina’s back, rise higher, clutching her shoulders, lowering, clasping her buttocks.
undoing her little skirt, and she falls to our feet.
Julia is pressed tightly, often breathing and slightly moaning.
Continuing to kiss again soot her on the edge of the table, palms clasp her waist, stroking her hips.
Julia’s hands are on my shoulders, my knees are slightly apart.
Again moving away from her a little.
I put my thumb on top of the hood.
With slow slow movements, I roll the clitoris from side to side several times, the vagina glistens, exuding juice.
She is trembling.
I rub my thigh with my palm, continuing to massage the clitoris and press my hand a little more tightly.
Julia begins to burn, she has a small chill.
Without ceasing to caress the clitoris, I spend the head between the labia, it easily slides on the wet crotch.
the member becomes hard again.
Continuing to slowly and firmly stroke the clitoris, immerse the head between the labia, leading it up and down and pressing more and more.

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I want you.
I want you so much.
– Julia whispers, spreading his legs wider and clasping my hand with my penis.
The edge of the head penetrates inside.
I clasp Yulina’s palm on my penis, I begin to penetrate the vagina with very short slow movements, twisting the member clockwise, the finger on the clitoris does not stop.
member slowly enters deeper.
the finger on the clitoris is moving faster and faster, finally the vagina completely receives the head and with a groan I drastically lower the member deep down.
She screamed at the sharp penetration.
Slowly pull out the penis almost completely, continuing to systematically caress the clitoris, look into her eyes and re-immerse the penis in a deep, deep movement.
Julia, no longer restraining herself, groans louder and louder.
I look at her, freeze by typing a member as deep as possible, caress the clitoris.
She moans even louder, shaking her head from side to side.
A sharp friction, from which her breasts are swinging, riveting my eyes, and freeze again inside.
again a sharp friction and stopped, only the finger on the clitoris does not stop.
Julia legs wrapped around my hips.
I start deep rhythmic movements with my free hand alternately massaging her breasts.
Gradually, the movements become sharper and shorter, the member moves deep inside, trying not to leave the cozy cave of love, the scrotum taps on the wet crotch, the finger continues to pull the clitoris, now in a circle, then up and down.
I feel the walls of the vagina shrink, Yulino’s whole body trembles, she arches towards me.
Again, I begin to move the member with a large amplitude, drawing it to my waist, pushing down the contracting walls, at the end of each friction acceleration and light impact.
And so.
My Yulenka shudders in orgasm, biting her lip so as not to scream.
Then, exhausted, lowers her head on my shoulder.
her whole body beat a shiver.
I make some more similar movements, then gradually I begin to weaken the pressure, the finger on the clitoris also moves more and more calmly, his touch becomes easier.
finally, the dick inside it barely moves, immersed to its full length, my hands glide over her hot body.
Sweet, sweet.
You’re just a miracle!.
– Julia whispered faintly.
Her fingers move on my neck under the hair.
the other hand on the back along the spine with a nail.
Nothing responding bent over her between divorced legs, the cock is still inside, affectionately kissing her tummy, circling her nipples with her fingertips, barely touching them.
And very slowly, I begin to move in her again, while barely perceptible, but she is already responding and moving with me.
In my tongue, I continue to play with my nipples, still playing with nipples, the frictions become more and more active and rhythmic. Bongacams cortina.

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