Bongacams coup.

Bongacams coup.
And then it went, it went.
Find Polenko on the phone was impossible.
To the question “Where is the boss?” The warehouse attendant calmly answered: “On the technical territory”.

I naively believed that the new chief in the office did not sit because he wanted to get to the bottom of all the subtleties in order to quickly grow into the situation.
I was unaware that at that time he was actively growing into the women’s society of the warehouse.
The first suspicions arose after a cute, Gypsy-like chief accountant of the warehouse arrived to us, to the department.
Well, like a new boss, I asked.
– answered the maid evasively and, blushing, lowered her eyes.
“We ought to check his work,” thought flashed, And then Polenko himself helped.
He had his own car, and the next day he drove to the department.
The head of the department ordered me to visit you, ”I said.
No problems.
Here are the wheels.
Let’s go, – he suggested.
We drove through the busy streets of the city, and Polenko managed not only to follow the traffic, traffic lights, but also with a tenacious gaze to feel the figures of the women walking along the pavement.
Suddenly he braked sharply and stumbled to the sidewalk.
Ain moment! –

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He said, and jumped out of the car, ran after the woman with a delicious ass.
He said something to her, and as she gesticulated, her head bowed lower and lower.
Returning, he opened the door and said: He met a friend, We must help.
– and sat her in the back seat.
The woman was pretty and clearly embarrassed.

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It was evident that she did not expect such a proposal at all.
We began to travel around the city until we stopped at her house.
Wait a minute, ”Polenko said, looking at me, and helping the woman, led her to the house.
He returned an hour later.
So, he contentedly rubbed his huge palms with satisfaction, he turned out to be a wonderful babe, but he fucks a song.
So immediately and fucks, – I muttered incredulously, having decided that he was lying.
Want to try? Here is her phone. ”He held out a scrap of newspaper.
Where do you know her from? I looked at Polenko’s sweet face.
I saw her for the first time.
It hurts her ass I liked.
I went over and told her that I could not stand it, looking like a young, beautiful woman was bending under the weight of her bags.
So he offered to help her.
Well, and then? She treated me to great coffee.
And then I politely asked her permission to take a shower, referring to a long journey.
She agreed.
I washed and left the shower naked, ostensibly in search of a towel.
Tested reception.
Kills any woman on the spot.
She, as soon as she saw my hanging “Bolt”, was immediately stupefied.
He is in this position almost a quarter of a meter.
Imagine how round her eyes became when he stood up.
She looked at this “Miracle” like a bunny at a boa, slowly removing her skirt.
Well, then it was a matter of technology.
Squatted her to the throat.
She screamed so much that I became afraid that my neighbors would come together.
Fuck she, I tell you, awesome.
Kaif peasant from her cool.
And you can understand it.
Lives, poor fellow, alone.
Neither husband nor children.
She should not follow the “This” case in the evening to the street, and then the man turned up himself, and with such an “Housekeeping”.
So take the phone and use it, Do not worry, She is a woman clean.
As sappers say: “Verified.
Min no.
And you yourself, why shed? Once, brother.
I would have to go around my contingent a day at least once in a circle.
Reluctantly, I took a sheet with a phone number and hid it in the breast pocket of my coat, thinking: “Now I unwittingly play with him in one football team.”
Arriving at the warehouse, I went to the management of the part, and Polenko lingered in the garage. Bongacams coup.

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