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Laura cried, screamed, and burst out.
“My daughter,” said the priest, anxiously, “I do not understand.”
You’re dragging.

or how? – Painfully! It hurts me fucking! Painfully!!! – screamed back Laura.
With a sigh,

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the priest pulled out a dick and said to Christine looking out between the white lauric hips: – I knew that.
It seems that the Lord punished this sinner with frigidity in order to close her path to Heaven forever.
Christina’s eyes flashed voluptuously: – And what now, a fire ?! And she began to stroke the weeping Laura with trembling, greedy hands, imagining how this body was licking the flame.
“There is one thought,” the priest cooled her.
– The sinner said that she feels pleasant feelings when they shove all kinds of rubbish at her.
Get out from under her, and then, I’m afraid, you will interfere.
Leaving Laura in the knee-elbow, and even bending down to the bed, the inquisitor spread her embarrassed, plump, big lips and tiny, ragged-torn small ones, and inserted two fingers inside.
The girl stiffly stiffened, instantly ready to roar and jump off.
Pussy gratefully replied with copious secretions.
Then the inquisitor added a third finger inside, filling the vagina more tightly, and there he started the whole palm with an edge.

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The thumb that remained outside vigorously processed Laura’s clitoris.
The girl moaned languidly and leaned toward the palm.
And then the Inquisitor put all five fingers together with a pinch and carefully thrust it into a wet, flowing pussy.
Laura screamed, but leaned back, drawing her whole palm and closing her lips with the narrow wrist of the inquisitor.
Inside she was very crowded, and the priest clenched his fingers into a fist, then began to fuck and rotate them – at first carefully, but more and more burning.
Burying her face in the sheets, Laura howled, and suddenly fell back: – Fuck! Damn! Yes! Don’t stop fucking! Yes, bitch, yes! The lustful Kristina, who watched it all, joined the knee-elbow near Laura: – I want it too! With her, the inquisitor didn’t stand on ceremony, immediately folded his five-pinch and drove the rotary movement into the wet vagina on the wrist.
Christine issued a chest, almost bestial, cry.
The priest excitedly watched as two beautiful girls, dressed like puppets, cunt on his fists, screaming and fighting in the waves of an approaching orgasm.
They finished at the same time – jumping off his hands, they put their faces on the bed and shouted there, rubbing their clits.
The priest stood over them and admired two pairs of round, smooth buttocks – dark and little white – beautifully tinted blue silk sheets.
Catching her breath, Christina squinted at his hefty, rearing member.
– Bless us, holy father, – she asked hoarsely, and reached for the member.
– And I will help.
– No, my daughter, you have already deserved your blessing today. Bongacams officecutie.

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