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And as it turned out, for good reason.
Her boyfriend rather quickly found another passion, having managed at the same time to trumpet the whole Univer, that Polina was frigid and a lesbian campaign.
The girl herself was already beginning to doubt her sexual health and thought that if she was not cursed, how in that life that fateful soul came from a puddle.

Now she knew why and why she had been tortured for so long.
Polina chose the most beautiful lingerie from her collection.
The choice was not great, and she stopped at the kit, presented by her roommate, with the words: “This is for you on your wedding night!” Then it sounded like a joke, but why not make it a prophecy? Moreover, the set went very well to her, emphasizing the beauty of her young female body and making her form and line even more erotic.

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Will she wear this today to surrender to a man? He will remove it from her, exposing her body, revealing her secret, will he caress and undead, and then drive his weapon into her bosom? Polina looked at herself in the mirror and saw in her imagination how this act of love was happening.
She vividly imagined how her slender long legs were divorced to the sides, the petals of her slits opened, opening the entrance to her body, like Sergei’s strong arms wrapped around her chest, squeezed her, his torso was above her, and his rearing organ aimed at her cave .
She watches as he approaches and sticks into her body.
It will probably hurt? Can she endure? What if he wants to look at her there? She read a lot and heard that men like to look at their girls, admire their naked beauty and admire their “roses”.

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Polina thought and decided to shave off the pubic hair bush.
Lord, what am I doing ?! I shave myself for a man! This is reality? Sergey, as promised, was waiting for her at the exit from Univer.
Polina, seeing him, felt weakness in her legs and emptiness in her stomach.
Never before has she been afraid of meeting with Sergey.
But now, when she knew where and why they would go, what he would do with her, fear seized her body.
Sergey smiled affably.
– Hello! Something you are some kind of sad, what happened? His question remained unanswered.
Polina managed only to shake her head and got into the car.
– tired?
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