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This is not a jerk for porn.
– I’m glad you liked it.
Let’s continue learning the day after tomorrow at 4 o’clock? – Yes, Zhen, I agree, just listen, you do not mind if I bring two of my best friends.

They are also virgins, such as I was and they will not harm such a “school”.
– If they are adults and will keep their mouths shut.
Yes, and see, do not tell anyone.
– Not ssy, Zhenek, everything will be tip-top.
At work and at home, everything was as usual, except for the fact that I fucked my wife a couple of times, remembering how Oleg had fought me.
I could hardly wait for the next meeting.
Exactly at 4 o’clock the bell rang, it was Oleg with friends, Sergey and Yura.
Sergey was about the same height as Oleg, a little thinner than him and prettier.
But Yurka was short, a little lower than me, thin and wearing glasses, a typical nerd.
– Hello, we have it.
Oleg said that you teach us.
– Hi guys, relax, my name is Zhenya and “you”.
Everything that Oleg said is true.
So let’s not waste time, go to the bath, take a shower, and I’ll wait for you here.
Yes, and dressing after a shower is not necessary

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, anyway, then undress.
While the guys had fun bathing in the shower, I spread a bed, put on porn with group sex, undressed and brought beer.
When the guys entered the room, naked and with standing members, I checked out their young bodies: the healthy pumped up bodies of Oleg and Sergey and the slim body of Jura.
“Well, boys, the topic of today’s lesson is group sex,” I pinned.
Next, I got cancer on the bed, putting Yura behind me, Oleg – in front of me, and Sergey – to my right.

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At my command, Oleg gave me his dick in his mouth, Yuri began to insert me in the ass, and Sergei, I began to masturbate with his right hand.
We then still lived in the school.
My roommate, a friend, one might say, a normal guy, a year older than me, thin, wiry, “was not seen in vicious relations”, was not yet.
Yes, and me.
was not yet.
We sat on Friday night, drank, the good ones were already, as he says, “Wan, and we are friends?” – Friends, I say, – After all, we have to help each other – We must, I say, what’s the matter? – Yes, yes.
speaks and is silent.
Well, we drank some more.
Oleg recently with his girlfriend rastavtsa, and the girl was the same name, gave him a couple of times, then she sang to her friends that he was small, that he was fucking like a rabbit and vaasche not a macho but a schmuck.
Oleg caught depresnyak about this.
Here we are this depresnyak and flooded.
They opened another bottle (they drank port, which was enough money).
-Well we will do, I ask, the evening is already.
Come on, maybe we walk. Well, let’s go.
Taxied to the public square, and there on the bench our fellow student Yuri rolled up, into shit drunk.
Well, there was no sadness, this puppet would come home to carry, since he lives close by.
His parents drove his apartment two blocks from the uni, while they themselves are building some designer houses in Malaysia, so he goes there to pick up the Tug-ups.
It is strange that now without companions.
While they reached him, he began to rearrange the legs at the entrance, pulled out the magnetic key, called up the elevator, even said “Zdraste” to the concierge and in the elevator began to crawl back to the floor again.
We lifted him up, dragged him into the apartment, placed his face on the toilet in the hallway, got ready to leave, piss me off, went into the second outhouse that, in the bedroom, admired Yurkin with a “carved back” with a carved back and bent legs. bottle of “Grand” from the bedside table.
-So what? Let’s go -And so leave? He, bitch, doesn’t remember anything, and we’ve got him two quarters of pearls on ourselves, let’s just finish the Grand.
They sat in the kitchen, found a piece of dried cheese in the fridge, drank a little bit, and then began to deliver me. Dixilife bongacams.

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