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She began to squeeze her legs and move her ass, feeling the muscles inside her pulsing.
Because of this, she did not feel how Sergei, catching the moment, relaxed and fired a portion of sperm, pouring her between the legs of the girl, mixing with the protruding juices from the vagina.
Only his hand tightly squeezed Pauline’s chest, but she, being in a state of bliss, did not even notice.

When she came to herself, Polina made sure that Sergey was sleeping peacefully, returned her panties to her place, surprised at the amount of grease coming out of her cave.
Then she also carefully returned to the place the gum of Sergey’s underwear, having noticed that his penis had become smaller and softer.
When everything was returned to its original appearance, the girl hugged the pillow and immediately fell asleep.

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She woke up from the fact that she felt a pleasant and very tender feeling between her legs.
Opening her eyes and listening to the sensations, she realized that an already familiar object was moving between her legs.
She realized that Sergei, while she was asleep, pulled off her panties and now strokes her crack with his dick, trying not to wake the girl.
He does the same thing that just recently, Polina herself did.
The girl decided that she would be honest if she, in turn, would allow the man to get a discharge and continue to portray a deep sleep.
She did not know that Sergei had noticed her awakening, however, this did not frighten him at all.
He did know what she was doing while he was “asleep.”
Using the “sleep” of the girl, Sergey diligently moved his body, caressing her bit and clitoris.
() He was not shy and was not afraid of his movements, making them more rhythmic and multidirectional.

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He, like Polina, inserted the head of the penis into her cave, feeling how she is compressed from fear, trying to close the entrance to him.
He really liked this game.
Simple intercourse is not as rich in emotions and feelings as these sex games.
Polina this time was much worse than when she herself led the process.
Therefore, even though she was excited, it was now impossible to reach the height that she took first today.
The movements of the penis were very pleasant, his touch and strokes caused sweet feelings, but the danger of intimacy with a man was frightening.
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