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A couple, kissing and hugging, still gets to the apartment.
Right in the hallway Sergey begins to undress and undress the girl, moving towards the bedroom.
Polina allows you to undress yourself, kiss and caress, hugging a man behind his back and neck.

She likes to feel his passion, his desire.
She understands that the moment has come when he will take her, make her his woman.
Sergey lowers Polina on the bed and immediately bites her lips between her legs, trying to bring her to the extreme degree of excitement so that her cave is as hot, moist and tender as possible.
The girl readily spreads her legs wider, revealing herself to caress.
Excitement more and more captures her body, subjugating herself, forcing the most shameful things to be done.
Inside, the sexual gaping void grows and fills.

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a wish.
In her burning cave, a burning sensation appears and intensifies, requiring immediate satisfaction with the man.
Sergey feels it, seeing how the lubricant flows, the petals of the slits expand and unfold, and the ass moves invitingly.
It’s time! Sergey takes the girl by the waist and flips on his stomach.
Polina submits herself limply, allowing her to do whatever she wants with her body.
Sergey bends her knees with her hands and pulls them up to her stomach, putting the girl in the right position.
Polinka understands that now she is finally fucked.
After all, she herself wrote that she agreed to such a pose.
She helps a man and puts her legs wider, bending the back and exposing his ass in his direction.
Her wet slit opens, allowing her to take advantage of her hospitality.

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Despite the willingness to surrender, strong excitement, the girl is still afraid.
In an effort to cope with the fear rushing in her, to overcome doubts, she deliberately spreads her legs even wider so that her slit opens up more strongly.
Sergey wets his fingers in the lubricant flowing out of Polina’s cave and puts it on the head of his penis.
He enjoys the moment.
He sees how the girl is waiting for his penetration, as revealed and exposes himself to his member.
Finally, this charming and delightful girl will become his.
Finally, he will have her, and even become her first man! Now he will take what no one else will get! Polinka feels like the hands of a man lay on her hips.
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