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Andrew can sometimes with a woman, and Sasha hates women.
He only loves torturing them.
And almost for the present.

But smacks – just a delight.
– Poren? Is it nice? I thought it was just necessary to endure.
– The third flog is not very good at.
He has something else.
He words can confuse and lead.
Almost a sorcerer, but kind.
If he were evil, he would turn you into a frog and squall beneath the bathroom, as much as he wants. But he does the opposite, he makes princesses of frogs.
But Sasha.
If Andrei wants, he will ask you to flog him.
Sasha does not like it, but he is a satellite.
And I heard when they left, Andrew said to the general – “Leschka was lucky.”
– What Leshke? – Your master.
Don’t you even know his name? – But he’s Victor.
And he is no longer my master.
He let me go, almost kicked out.
I can therefore.
– It is clear that he did not even give you a name.
Victor is one of his pseudonyms.
He is Alexey.
And let go.
He does not like to hold.
So I felt something in you.
He does not expel anyone.
– But he’s alone.
And he has no satellites.
– Satellites – I do not know, maybe not now.
We do not all have regular satellites.
Yes, and to the Dragons, he is without fanaticism, and generally a loner by character.
And the fact that he is alone is ridiculous.
He always has three or four women in love with him without memory.
The fact that he took you to his place is a miracle.
Something you hooked him.
He does not allow anyone to come to him.
Okay, talk later.
Now we need to figure out how to arrange you, but you have nothing.
– Will they give me a collar too? – Svetik dreamed in amazement.
– to you? Collar? You, Brought, don’t understand anything at all.
Only your Master can give a collar when you become his body and soul.

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And you, instead.
And maybe he was wrong in something.
How can I know?
And again the corridors, the descent to the elevator, a tunnel with rare lamps.
Theta in creepy pink knitted shorts, on top of them black tights with flowers, and in the top Svetik – stuffed stuffed.
Ugliness draped sheets.
Svetik in a blue cape over harness.
Theta tried to offer something from her things, not luxurious, but still not as ugly, but she was squeezed and explained that Svetik was better aware of how she should look now.
The circle also disappointed Tetu.
Andrei’s room with a bed hung with chains and bundles of ropes on the floor looked much more impressive.
And here is just a large basement with concrete walls and concrete pillars.
Under the ceiling bundles of dirty pipes.
A dozen ragged doors, unknown where leading.
Here and there in the walls and pillars of the ring, and fixed pipes and some sticks and rockers with rings hang down from the pipes.
Strange things, like furniture, only an incomprehensible destination, not leading stairs anywhere.
The floor, however, is tightened with an expensive carpet and raised in two places, forming something like a podium or a small stage.
Lamps on the walls of coarse rusty iron.
And not a soul.
Nobody at all.
Even Svetik, putting Tetu to one of the doors and saying

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that they would call her, ran away.
But after a few minutes, Theta began to feel how everything is not so simple.
The room felt crushed.
Concrete walls told how heavy and tough they are, how they can cause hopelessness and despair.
Strange buildings, similar to furniture, made it clear that they are far from tables and chairs, that rings and bracelets with locks are there, there, and there, not just for the interior.
And the rocker arms hanging from the pipes acquired completeness, it was worthwhile to imagine a naked body suspended from them.
It has become quite clear how cruel and merciless can be within these walls, just as these walls were created in order to be cruel and merciless in them.
However, it became clear that the local cruelty was very different from the one that Tanka had faced all her life.
That cruelty was indifferent and therefore terrible, although it was the usual background.
Behind this somewhere not far away there was interest, respect, and even care and affection.
Yes, the path to this tenderness went through pain and strange rituals, but, in Tankina’s past life there was no such way.
Did not work out.
Theta tried to remember the Boss, his whipping, orders and the strange end of their relationship, but the Boss refused to remember. Korean girl naked webcam.

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