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Natasha sat with her legs on the bed, she was dressed in a small white blouse and a very short plaid skirt.
Paul, as always, looked appreciatively at her long legs.
They were slim and beautiful.

The girl diligently licked a hefty lollipop – she did it all the time.
Sometimes Paul thought that by nineteen she would already have caries.
Today Natasha was in a special mood, it was felt; It was interesting how she looked at Paul — as if he was not her friend.
As if there was anything else.
She smiled shyly and at the same time flirting.
Paul had time to appreciate it all in that few seconds that it took him to say: – Hello, Natasha, cool dress.
Natasha smiled — somehow very knowingly, sat in a different way and answered, without taking her eyes off a small pink notebook: “Thank you.
Paul sat down in a chair opposite and cheerfully asked: “How does this lollipop treat you, baby?” Natasha looked at him, smacked her and took the round head of the candy in her mouth and asked: “What is the matter with you?” Paul smiled and said: – It just seems to me that you excite me today.
Where is the friendly tone? She flirts! ”He coughed and answered, trying to sound like Casanova in the best years:“ Do you like it? ”She put the notebook down, settled herself more comfortably and answered with some aspiration:“ Maybe.
– We assume that this means “yes.”
Paul sat closer.
From Natasha smelled cool – perfume and shampoo.
She said, very gently: – I like it, but I do not want to destroy our friendship.

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Damn it.
Again this word.
Paul frowned to himself.
His face was only reflected in a cheerful understanding when he replied: – Of course, but I think our friendship can turn into something beautiful.
Natasha abruptly knelt on the bed, spread them out and said, smiling and putting her hand on the waist of her little skirt: “I just don’t want everything to go like that.”
The floor inside swore the most terrible words.
However, he said more.
He saw her not saying exactly what she was thinking – just like him.
He said: “C’mon for you.”
If we are such friends, give me a small erotic service.
I provided you with so many services! Natasha arched her back, exposing her chest and laughed, again taking the candy

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in her mouth: “I see how you look at me!” Service, I wonder what? ”Paul smiled and said in his most casual tone:“ May I see you. ”
More than what I usually see? You’re so beautiful.
And today you are in an excited state, I see, he thought, but he did not say.
If I manage to get out of this fucking friendship zone, it will be today.
Natasha did not answer, but lay down on the bed and began to look ahead.
Her ass was only very conditionally covered with a skirt.
Paul stared at her, and the girl looked around and asked, still holding a lollipop in her mouth: – Are you looking at my ass? – Yes.
– directly answered Paul.
– You can see, but you can not touch.
– Natasha answered playfully.
Paul did not believe his ears, but he answered very calmly: – Great, it suits me.
Natasha turned over, straightened, threw back her head and said, slightly gasping for breath: – Ok.
She quickly undid a few buttons on her blouse.
Paul sat, afraid to move, keeping an approvingly friendly expression on his face.
She began to take off her blouse – Paul made sure that her waist was very slim.
Natasha completely unbuttoned and asked, leaning towards him and putting on a white bra: – Do you like what you see? – Yes.
Paul spoke this short word with great effort.
He wanted to get up, grab this bitch and immediately fuck her.
Moreover, it was obvious that she fully deserves it. Lesbian cam.

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