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At some old chapel, a black cruiser stopped near me.
Voice accent asked – girl what time is it? I glanced at him and noted that he was more likeable than not looking at his watch.
– 20 minutes past two.

– And how much free? – You men are all so “original”, the same phrases.
I retorted.

Leaning out of the window, he began to pour compliments.
We talked, met, called him Arif, he was 20 years old.
Invited to the cafe.
Not doubting that this young Azer’s mind was on my mind, I sat in the front seat trying to fully expose my legs.
As it turned out, his brother and a friend of about the same age were sitting at the back.
We arrived at their father’s cafe and occupied a separate room.
The boys drank and showered me with compliments.
Turned on the music and started dancing.
I was almost embarrassed to wag my hips to the beat of the music and did not react when I was slapped on the ass.
I think very quickly they realized that I was fucking, and what a decent girl would get in the car to the hachu.
Arif’s brother, Javadkhan, dancing behind me, began stroking my thighs and pulling me to my groin for them.

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To which I just wumbled ass.
After some time, I noticed how Javadkhan waved his brother and friend and they hurried out of the room.
I was thrown on the sofa.
His hands abruptly pulled off my skirt and thongs, and 2 of his fingers entered my crack right away.
– Aaaaaaaah broke from my lips.
I stretched to the fly of this stallion and unbuttoning her swallowed a sluggish but rather weighty and swollen member.
Blowjob in my performance has not left anyone indifferent, and after 2-4 minutes the already strong, healthy thing dressed in a condom was entering my pussy.
I was at the peak of bliss, something very small and very solid entered into me.
Lying on my back with my legs apart, I enjoyed the caliber of my partner, while moaning true pleasure.
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