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My underpants were smeared with mucous secretions.

For me, it all started over twenty years ago.

It was then that I learned that you can kiss a girl not only on the cheek or lips.
The first who informed me about this was the girl Olya.

We met in a summer camp, where my parents “fused” me for the summer.
As for Oli, she was a leader there.
I will not go into details, but we became lovers.
The summer passed, everyone went home, but our relationship did not end there.
She was alone at home all day, and I became a frequent guest there, gradually learning about the beauty of sex.
Of course, for me it was true love, with a capital letter.
But, being not yet experienced, in all these matters, I often wondered from her what to do for her, how else to make her pleasant.
So it was on that day.
She started from afar, obviously trying to intrigue me or fearing to scare me away – “I want you to do something for me, but I think that you are not ready yet.”
I began to elicit from her how exactly I could appease her.

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And she continued to abut – “No, no, I should not have started this conversation at all, better forget it.”
I, with the typical adolescent persistence, insisted on it.
After a while she “gave up” – “You, unfortunately, do not know how, and in general, I do not think that you want to do it now.
But I really would like you to lick my pussy. ”
This turn of events, I did not expect.
After all, at that time I was a complete ignoramus in the affairs of amorous, I did not even know what the clitoris is and where it is located, and here is the offer.
I’m confused.
On the one hand, it was the desire of the beloved, on the other hand, this idea seemed to me a little attractive.
Contradictory feelings fought in me.
The feeling of some disgust is, where it was necessary to climb the language, against the desire to make it nice.
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