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It took me 20 minutes to shave.
From the cold in the bathroom and from the excitement of some naked cock looked pitiful.
Sighing, I began to wear a strange costume, already beginning to be disappointed in this venture.

From the mirror, a tired man with circles under his eyes in a wrestling leotard and hanging clean-shaven genitals looked at me.
Mentally reassuring myself, I straightened my back proudly and set off to play the part.
– Good day! Now let’s talk a little bit, and then there will be sparring! Are you ready? You have competition soon! I was dumbfounded.
Gradually began to stand still and my penis after him.
Natasha was dressed in the same tights, but red in color, while there were much more cuts — from the low back to the hips, the fabric was completely absent.

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Roughly speaking, the whole ass and crotch were exposed.
I love my Natasha.
I was mistaken, it turns out, the struggle should have been free, and not Greco-Roman.
Just in case, I will explain, for a possible reader, that one of the differences is the possibility of capturing legs, painful techniques and cuttings, which is not in Greco-Roman wrestling.
– Become the original! We will warm up before sparring! Repeat the exercises for me.
“Rather, before pairing, my dear,” but I don’t give a mean, you have to keep the role! Involuntarily squinting at his wife’s juicy white naked loaves, I began to repeat the exercises.
Natasha selflessly did banal exercises.
I repeated for her to see.
From the fact that my genitalia is open, the type of a bare crotch and Natashka’s big nipples sticking through the tights of Natasha’s member began to strain and soon stretched to its full length, saluting the filling head to the whole world about its readiness for battle.

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When we began to stretch fingers to the floor, I felt dizzy.
Not so much from physical exertion as from the view that opened up: my spouse seemed to have deliberately turned my ass on me, and I watched her magnificent chiseled legs, sweet thighs and firm elastic like two balls ass.
When she bent in half, I saw the view of her already wet lips and tight anus ring.
Natasha managed to sweat and so the skin glistened in the light of the chandelier.
I struggled to hold back so as not to get into this beauty, not to bitten properly, I wonder what will happen next.
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