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Yulia returned very quickly and had a box in her hands, the girl handed her over to Alena.
Did you open it? – quietly asked Alain.
Yes, I opened, – Julia admitted.

Unlock was not washed away, since the box was followed after opening.
So you saw the content.
Alyona looked into Yulia’s eyes and said.
Do you want me to go to you, cunt? Yulia thought she had misheard, but then Alain repeated her question.
You saw what a fuck on the photos, I want to lick you lick as you never licked you in my life.
Just ask, do not tell anyone else what I fucking.
This phrase calmed Julia, because the girl realized that it was she who controls

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the situation and Alena will be veiled from her.
Alyona took the hem of her dress with her hands and took off her dress in front of Yulia over her head, exposing her beautiful body, big taut chest with protruding nipples and smoothly shaved pussy from which pink sponges appealed stubbornly, making it clear that the hole is more than working.
Julia’s eyes became round, her secret dream came true.
Julia did not begin to pull and also opened her robe, showing Alena her beautiful toned body.
Yulia’s jaws protruded from excitement no less than Alena’s, and between her legs Julia had a real waterfall.
Yulia lay down on the sofa and spread her legs, Alena without a team immediately began to lick the girl’s holes, penetrating deeply into her pussy, then into the anal hole.
So loud, Julia never moaned, the skillful tongue of an 18-year-old girl simply worked wonders, Julia finished over and over again.
After another orgasm, the girls swapped roles, now Julia licked Alena’s pussy, penetrating her fingers.
Julia stuck 3 fingers into Alena’s pussy at once and they simply fell into the girl, then Julia added 4 fingers and then the fifth.
A minute later, Julia fucked Alain hand in the pussy.

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Ebi my holes, – screamed Alain.
Do not forget about the anal hole, I want to feel how your hand enters my ass up to the elbow, – added the girl.
Julia did not deny the girl and sent a second palm in the ass Alena.
The hand overcame the resistance of the anal ring very easily and now Julia plunged her hand into the depths of Alyona’s ass, and the hand went in and I didn’t think to stop.
Alena was moaning like a madman, Julia felt like from time to time Alena was cumming and her ass started to throb and shrink.
Yulia’s hand really entered Alena’s ass almost to the elbow, stopping Yulia from beginning to twist with her own hand, causing another girl’s orgasm.
The girls lying down were resting from orgasms, and then Julia spoke.
Alain, how did you manage to stretch your holes? – asked Julia.
I often trained them for the last half of the year with my partner.
Mate? Yes, I have been fucking with girls for a long time and love when they fuck me with something huge in my dirty holes.
If you want, I’ll introduce you to her? – said Alain.
Honestly, I don’t know – I’m really embarrassed that someone else finds out that I like dirty sex with big ones.
toys, – said Julia.
And you also want your pussy and ass to be able to accept anything? – Alain asked.
Yes, – confusedly said Julia.
Do you want me to train you? – smiled Alain.
I want – Julia smiled in response.
And so it happened, over the next 2 weeks, Alena came to Yulia every day and fucked her in all holes.
Inga was pleased that everything was going according to plan and without any problems let Alyona go, after she licked her pussy, to Yulia.
Alain everyone always took with her more and more new toys and Julia was happy about it as a child.
And after two weeks of training, Alyona smeared her palm with special oil and folded her fingers with a boat and sent her to Yulia’s pussy.
Julia looked like a centimeter by centimeter, her palm sank into her pussy, and when she overcame the resistance simply fell into her fiery krator, the girl covered such an orgasm that she even lost consciousness for a couple of seconds.
Julia lay stretched legs, and her pussy was fucked by Alena’s fist, and for sensations in Yulia’s ass, Alena put the butt plug.
Bringing Julia to orgasm, Alain pulled out her palm and gave the girl one of those giant members that Julia found in the package.
Try Anuka with him, ”said Alain.
Julia put the member upright and began to fall on it with her pussy, after several efforts, the member fell into the girl’s cunt for several at once, Julia centimeters, Julia was delighted with this fact and began jumping on this huge member.
Alyona picked up the lipstick and wrote “Fisting Whore” on Yulia’s chest, and then took a camera and took a few shots. Naked boys spy cam.

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