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But barely, with only a slight push, he pushed it into the hole, as I involuntarily cried out: the pain burned through me like a current.
“Nothing,” he reassured, “be patient, Lyonka! Well you are a man !.
“- and with some wavy jerks, moving forward like a corkscrew, slowly began to move inside of me, pushing my powerful member deeper and deeper into my” cave “.

I was stunned – and from fear, and from the endless pleasure, and from the upcoming joyful flash of orgasm.
In his eyes darkened – only tears rolled down his cheeks; Veniamin, bending towards me and whispering something silently, gasped at each new jolt, but still moved his “club” somewhere deep inside, causing those thrills in my whole body, hot and damp with sweat.
I have never experienced such a pleasure – and therefore I was happy without limit !.
And all this “game riot” was completed fairly quickly: we both ended violently (Venya – first, but I was a bit late, but only for a fraction of a second).
And from this spring Saturday wash, which unexpectedly brought us together, we did not part with Venia until my demobilization, always finding a convenient time for new “leprosy and fun” alone.
“My business is to offer, you understand your delos,” said my neighbor, stirring sugar in his mug.
Having moved from my district center to a megalopolis, I didn’t imagine how everything can be expensive here.
I knew that I would have to work a lot, but that I had to work a lot and still didn’t have enough money, I couldn’t believe it.
Last week there was a question about paying for a room in an apartment that we rented with Mishka, a guy from our urban-type settlement, as we called our Zadrypinsk, the name of course is normal, many of you could even travel there, but for all these he had grown fed up with me for years so that, except with hatred, I could not respond to him.

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down and it was time to arrive, and of course the choice fell on the metropolis.
And, of course, I did not do it, or rather I went to a paid one, but where the guy from the province is there, but the chance meeting was the beginning of this story.
Misha spotted me in the crowd of entrants.
We did not know him for long, and I would like to forget about this acquaintance, but it was not there, the past caught up with me.
We met at the pioneer camp, at the age of 16, I went to the camp for the first time, and Mishka was a regular at such places since elementary school.
On the first day I became a victim of my appearance.
Thin, without a single hair on the body, with huge eyelashes and grown hair (my mother cut me in those days, who, as luck would have, went on vacation and left sending her son to her father, who did not even bother to bring me to a boyish appearance) her more than she really was, a dream for flat-breasted girls, and a curse for a guy.
A few hooligans, I quickly came up with a few offensive nicknames, and then the name Tina.
On the second day, kicks, spitting and tattered T-shirts had already begun.
I could not give up, simply because there was neither willpower nor physical strength.
And once Mishka stood up for me, it was on the fourth day, he distributed such offenses to my offenders during the quiet hour that the guys were taken to the infirmary, and he was left without a disco, but when he explained what was happening to the counselor, they settled us in one room , for me it was happiness, when everyone lives on four, we lived together.
And behind me.
The first night I heard strange sounds.
Misha, turning to the wall, was doing something under the covers.
I sat on the bed.
He, evidently suspecting something was wrong, turned around and ominously roared: “What did you catch?” “Are you jerking off?” “But aren’t you? What is so interesting? – he threw the blanket and showed his standing member.
– Look, enjoy, Tina. Ua bongacams fr.

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