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Sasha jumped up, shaking off the slimy drops from his jacket.
– Well, you finally oh ### ate! – He yelled, jumped over the table, knocking him a couple of glasses with compote.
Dimka did not at this time dude and take off his shoes, but he would not have time.

Behind him, they grabbed Sashka’s friends.
And Sasha himself swung and gave a strong blow to the jaw.
Dimka clanged his teeth, swayed, but he was kept.
The historian already hurried to them with a shout: “Stop immediately!” Let him go! What do you allow yourself! Immediately to the director! But while he was rushing through the entire hall, the dislocation of the participants in the scuffle radically changed.
With a subtle movement, Dimka slipped out of the tenacious hands that he was being held.
Then he jumped up into the air and pressed his shoe straight into Sashkin’s long nose.
Immediately turned around and two accurate blows knocked to the floor assistants.
And when the historian ran, there was already no one to separate. He had to stop the blood that dripped onto the parquet with cherry drops from Sasha’s nose.
And then all four were led to the director on the carpet.
After hearing a brief summary of events, Alexander Afanasyevich paused for a while, looking at the students.
Then he asked: – Actually, I’m only interested in two questions to know who started and because of what? There was no answer.
Dimka examined the crack in the broken lip with his tongue, Sashka tilted his head up and diligently applied a semi-dry handkerchief to his nose, two assistants generally pretended to look in casually at the light.

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– Clear.
Then what, we will call parents? Do you want this? Sasha “woke up” and began to sadly argue that it was not even he who started the fight, let the newcomer explain why he attacked a defenseless child.
– What do we get? The second day at school, and already started a fight? And then what will happen? Dimka shrugged – the one who is guilty is justified.
And he himself did not consider himself guilty.
– So you will play in silence? – the director was already starting to get angry – Answer when they ask !.
– I first hit, and punish me.
And let him tell the reason if he wants, – Dima finally answered, a little tired of questions.
But Sashka considered his dignity to be explained.
Without achieving anything, the director slapped his palms on the table and stood up.
– I will not punish you, you both got what they deserved.
Dmitry is at school only the second day, he has not had time to join the team.
And you, Alexander, should be ashamed – the pride of the school, you can say, and you behave disgustingly.
If to repeat, indulgences do not wait both.
All go to class.
Although you first go to all the same in the medical center.
Igor Gennadevich, spend them, please.
It would not have clashed again.
He turned to the bookshelf, making it clear that the audience was over.
Returning to class, Dima found him in his bag.
Water flooded the textbooks, and the covers of the notebooks were completely soaked.
Dimka remembered the devil, took out an umbrella, put it to the wall again and only then looked around the class in search of a “prankster”. The first candidate was naturally Tolyan.
He smirked, not taking away the snide little eyes.
But intuition suggested that such a minor dirty trick was not in his manner.
Tolyan usually acted directly, and not from the underdog.
So no one figured out, Dimka began to put in order the contents of the bag, which was given with great difficulty.
Denis, who had lingered in the corridor, returned, was very upset to see what had happened, and began to help Dima to dry the books.
The last on this day were two lessons of labor

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And there, too, was not without incident.
It took only a couple of minutes for the patient to take the tool to the Trudovik in the back room – and in the bag someone had already shoved a couple of handfuls of chips. 24 sex cam.

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