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Then I will be jealous of you all the rest, fall for you.
And I love you and do not want to lose you.
You will not lose me and I can give you what you need, but only if you will obey me.

I will do everything what you want.
Just come away from the window.
I am ashamed.
Can anyone see.
Mom, what are you doing? 21st floor! Who will see? Our home is the highest in the area.
And yet, baby, let’s go to the bedroom.
No, first we go to the bathroom.
You said you would obey me.
Yes, I will.
Go and shave your legs and lower abdomen well.
Okay, baby, I’ll do everything now.
Could you, for now, make coffee? Of course, mamulechka.
Come on.
Elena Nikolaevna, a woman of forty-two years old, thin, short woman.
Breast size 4th.
Not very wide hips, small tummy, inherited after childbirth.
Vera poured coffee in the Turk and put it on the stove.
Elena Nikolaevna went to her room.
From her husband they left a four-room apartment with a large layout.
She rummaged in the closet and chose a set of red underwear and stockings, took a robe and went into the shower.
In her heart, Elena Nikolaevna shaved her legs and crotch completely.
If she shaved her legs every week, then she shaved her crotch only twice in her life.
The first time on the wedding day, and the second time before the birth of Vera.
Having thoroughly washed and wrapped, Elena Nikolaevna dried her hair.
They became silky and wavy.
I’ll have to have a haircut, Elena Nikolaevna thought, looking in the mirror. Amateur teen nude webcam.

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