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I did my best to restrain my sperm, but as you can see, I could not resist.
– So let’s unload on full, I am at your disposal.
– And what about Roman, after all, ugly work.

– Yes, he is already exhausted asleep.
– This is a betrayal of a friend.
If he was there, and gave his consent, it would be another matter, and so uncomfortable.
– What do you have all uncomfortable, but uncomfortable.
It is inconvenient to fuck on the ceiling, the partner falls off.
And when the top, then nothing.
Now I’ll take you and straddle myself, and I’ll tell Romka anyway.
He will not stipulate me, if I say everything myself, but if I keep silent, and he finds out everything, then hold on poor Lera.
Lera threw an empty jar on the floor and sat on the lying guy.
Feeling her wet holes in his stomach, Alexander began to wind up.

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He tenderly clutched at her hanging chest, and rolling his palms into cups, he began to knead them gently.
Making circular movements on the nipples, his hands went down to the waist, slid over the thighs, and then, turning back, stroked the buttocks, and again went to the waist to the chest.
An experienced massage therapist was able to deliver pleasure to any woman, and the wounded Lerochka raised her ass up, moving a little lower.
She grabbed onto the stony cock, and several times held a little penny in the wet crevice.
Feeling a tickle in the area of ??the clitoris, Lera no longer began to exhaust herself, and sent a wet shishak into the main passage.
Falling lower and lower, she felt the walls of the vagina moving apart, and the void filled in it.
And when the head touched the neck of the reproductive organ, she thoroughly sat on his powerful hips.

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Feeling how the blood pulses in his body, her pussy ached, and everything incredibly combed inside.
She just could not sit, and began to slowly rise and fall on his hard penis.
Roman entered as unexpectedly as he retired.
The spouse, who was sitting with her back on the guest, did not immediately notice his presence, continuing to swing.
But Alexander, lying opposite the doorway, clearly saw the standing figure of a comrade.
He groaned slightly, giving the sign of a sex partner.
Lera turned and looked at her husband with crafty eyes.
– Oh, Romka, and we are here to fuck without you.
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