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I sat down and waited.
The decoration of the room spoke about the wealth of its owner.
And the house was huge, probably 10-12 rooms.

Two hours later I was invited to the office to Mrs.
She sat at a huge desk.
To say that she was beautiful is to insult her.
She was beautiful.
The correct form of the face, a long and elegant neck.
White, long hair, just gathered in a ponytail.
Huge, sky-blue eyes.
Clearly contoured, dark eyebrows.
And a small sensual mouth.
All this in combination with a breathtaking figure and a steel gleam in her eyes said, no shouted: What is this woman Mrs. by blood.
The goddess, descended from the Olympus, to command us pathetic little people, unworthy to even kiss her feet.
She was perfect.
I involuntarily dropped from the beginning to my knees, and then to my stomach.
My heart beat like I ran a marathon.
My belly felt pleasantly tickled.
My friend treacherously tensed.
From somewhere above, there was a pleasant voice, but with steel intonations; Did you pig insult me ??in a letter calling him a whore? Amateur webcam teen anal.

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