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It was this year in 93 years in the summer, I was then 19 years old, I had been a year away from the army, and studied (or rather, pretended to study) on the 1st year of farming.
My best friend somehow calls me, Yurchik, a neighbor and a peer, and through terrible interference he says that he is now in the disposition of the unit, his commanding fathers are going to send “cargo 200” to our city and then an officer was assigned to an escort, for Yurchik is local, and the city knows well, and will show the officer where the parents of the “cargo” live, and so on.

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In short, he says, prepare the meeting as expected: a hut, vodka, snacks and of course, girls.
I lived with my parents at that time, but my parents had a second apartment, such as “investing”, so a two-bedroom “brezhnevka” modestly but fairly furnished, and the main advantage of the apartment was the presence in the bedroom of a large double bed.

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So, there is a hut, moolah too (I had my own microscopic business for a very small wholesale trade in beer-lemonade), I bought vodka, taking into account, of course, that a friend would arrive in a company with an officer, and therefore it was nemeryan :))).
And I began to think what to come up with the girls.
You’re not lucky, because commander Yurkina to take pictures of girls at the disco))) In general, I decided to leave this question to “later”, you see, and Yurchik will think of something.
In short, Yuri is already calling me from the city, they say, they arrived, the “cargo” was handed over to his parents, and he and two !!! lieutenant colonels ready to debauchery.
We arrived, we met, the “subfields” turned out to be normal peasants, their intellect was rather disfigured, not the soldiers.

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Both are under 45 years old, I don’t remember the names now, let’s call for the order Ivan and Michael.
We drank for the meeting, for the acquaintance, chatted, talked, the beginning was already getting dark here – the question arose: wouldn’t it be time to give our especially male company some piquancy in the form of a woman (or two or three or four)? Here Yurik calls our common friend and neighbor Tanyukha and asks to organize a women’s society.
The neighbor did not break for long, as it turned out later – she was the first woman of Yurchik (the sister brought in a friend).
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