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During the break, they croaked in his mouth and spat on his whole face.
They burned nipples, lips, ears, and beat them again.
I hung on a belt and wheezed.

Then Marina Viktorovna dastala from a bag of rubber medical gloves and with cotton clapped one on the right hand.
Having spat on her finger, she came

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in from behind and began to torment me with an anus, with the other hand it hurt me by the face.
The pain was wild.
One sadist without lubrication was tearing my point apart with my fingers, and Ella continued to beat me.
The girls were obviously overexcited.
For a moment I felt relieved, but then I saw a bottle in Marina Viktorovna’s hand: I realized that it was better to accept and agree to absolutely any humiliation, just to get out of here whole.
I cried and asked for mercy.
The ladies only scornfully replied in response, and then I felt cold in the ass, and then hellish pain.
The bottle was from under the champagne, and I guessed that the ladies drank it before my execution.
– Right now, you break the virgin, whore! And you will resist, shove the whole bottle and crush your ass so that you cannot sit down! Bitch! From pain, I climbed onto the wall: Mrs. MARINA VIKTOROVNA.
When I was full, fucking chmoshnik bottle, we untied his neck.
His face was all scratched by my nails.
The poor fellow began coughing hysterically, gasping and moaning.
We lazily smoked.
Ella kicked him in the side and commanded: Lift the snout, the toilet! And our future toilet picked up a scratched, tear-covered face.
Ella took his nails by the ears and positioned his head so that she was at the level of her pussy.
Sitting on top of his face, she began to rub against his nose, not letting the cigarette out of her mouth.

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– Stick out your tongue, fag, – she moaned and after a while, with a scream, began to finish.
Then she climbed off his face and kicked him to the floor.
Then she sat on top of him, as if on a bench, and began to take a breath.
I sat next to her.
The girls woke up late, around noon.
Having washed and had breakfast, Ekaterina asked Lena to ring up all the employees, to warn that the meeting was being postponed on Wednesday, but for now let everyone work as usual.
-Now I ask everyone to go down to the basement, I will tell you something important.
They went down to the basement, Olga was tied to a cross, the places that Katya smeared with gel were red when they saw Catherine and her friends, she tried to attract attention by trying to say something, but because of the gag that covered her mouth, just mooing.
Katya, not paying any attention to her attempts, sat down in a chair and said: “I’ll figure it out with you later, now listen to everything I want to tell you.
After what happened to me, I no longer want to live in this house, the slaves who betrayed me, I also do not need.
I decided my house and everything in it, the furnishings, things, cars to give to my former secretary, Lena, she brought me back to life by pulling out of this nightmare.
Slave and Olga also give her, let him do with them what he wants, I do not care what happens to them next.
I won’t have her secretary anymore.
Olga also has accounts, today I will talk with her again, find out how much money she has, transfer everything to myself and give you thirty percent of the money, Len, you honestly deserve them.
This money, I think, will be enough for you to organize your small business or invest profitably in something.
I will not give you advice, you will figure out what to do with them.
Lena was surprised by such a proposal from her former boss.
-Ekaterina Alekseevna thank you, I did not expect such a gift.
-No, why, Lenochka, these are all trifles, you have done much more for me.
“Well, where are you going to live,” Ira asked her.
– While I live in my apartment, and then we will see.
Er, it will be possible for a while to ask you for one slave, because I will not be able to immediately find maids for myself, you know that without a slave it will be difficult for me.
-Katyusha, what conversations, we will stop by me, choose which of the slaves you like, and use as much as you need.
– All questions, like solved, now, finally, I want to punish the overreaching slaves to remember me for life. Cam home sex video.

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