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Inspection conducted Irina Mikhailovna, a history teacher.
She used to study at the gynecologist and kindly agreed to help with the examination of the girls.
Nobody guessed that Irina had a secret passion for girls, she could look at her little cunt for a very long time.

Irina secretly visited everyone from a closed club, where Shurochka performed.
And now it was Shurachka’s turn to enter the office, the girl was all trembling with excitement and a sense of shame.
Irina Mikhailovna graciously met the girl and told her to undress for the time being, and soma went to prepare an instrument for the examination.
Shurochka, took off her school dress, only underwear remained on her.
She looked into a large mirror that hung in the office.
The picture was really exciting, a 17-year-old girl standing only in underwear, the girl’s chest was already actively beginning to grow and her bra was tightly wrapped around her.
And from under the little panties a tattoo was clearly visible.
Shurachka removed her bra and her breasts raised excitedly.
Papilla hardened and darkened, then the girl took off her panties.
Shurachka lay down in the chair and spread her legs wide, she even closed her eyes, waiting for the reaction of the teacher, who would go in and see everything.
In her head Shurachka’s thoughts were confused, but she understood only one thing, that now the teacher will know everything about her and she will become for her the dirtiest Whore that can only be.
From this thought, the girl flowed.
So Irina Mikhailovna preparing the tools, went into the room.
From the picture she saw, she almost dropped everything.
Shura was sitting in the chair, her legs were wide apart and there were two huge holes between them, and the tattoo “whore with a huge pussy” on the pubic left no doubt for Irina that it was this girl who appeared in front of the hall on stage.

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Irina approached Shurochka and said: well, hello, Whore When you performed on the stage, something seemed familiar to me from the very beginning.
Shurachka, she didn’t know what to say, she just took and put two palms

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in her pussy, opened her pussy as hard as possible so that Irina could see her all.
But then she picked up courage and told Irina that she was the whore that Irina saw on stage and always dreamed that everyone around her knew about her.
Irina quite smiled, licked her dry lips and said: I promise, my girl, everyone will soon find out how much you are a dirty slut and you can enjoy this feeling of humiliation in full.
The teacher, held a warm palm over the girl’s chest, squeezed her nipple, then, after passing her finger over the pubis, she began to slowly introduce her palm into the girl’s pussy.
Shurochka leaned forward to the familiar caress, her cunt seemed to swallow the teacher’s hand.
A minute later, all the wrist was hidden in the pussy of a little girl.
The teacher squeezed her hand into a fist and began to fuck the girl, trying to push her hand as far as possible.
A minute later Shurochka was already shaking a strong orgasm.
Satisfied Irina took her hand out of the girl’s bosom, the whole hand was in Shurachka’s juices, Irina licked her.
The teacher was intoxicated with the taste of a young cunt, which now belongs to her.
Irina, started asking Shurochka and she told her everything that she has a mistress Olya, that she constantly trains her, told how she loves when dogs fuck her, how she dreams of having a huge pussy and anal hole.
Shura did not hide anything from Irina, she already understood that she now has two hostesses.
And Irina seemed to her an even more slutty than Olga and Shchurochka was not mistaken.
The very next day, Irina contacted Olga and told her everything, after an hour of conversation, they agreed that Shurochka would go into submission to Irina for a period of one month.
Shura, with fear and excitement, waited for the end of their telephone conversation and for Irina’s contented eyes, she understood that Olga had lost it.
Irina called the girl to herself and said that now she will be engaged in her upbringing.
For a start, Shura moved to live with Irina, the parent of the house said that she would live with her friend, and since the parents had long been accustomed that their daughter always disappeared somewhere, they did not give it particular attention. Chaturbate webcam models.

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