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The droid stood in front of Leia with a frightened look, holding a large knife in his hands – with this knife it was easy to cut any fabric.
– C3R0, you are here! – the girl was delighted.
“Well, you have always been stupid, but you are a good friend.”

I’m so glad to you, buddy! “Mrs. Leia,” the droid mumbled in fright.
– Actually, I’m here to.
– Droid, start peeling the sweet fruit from the shell! – barked Jabba.
– And you all watch and enjoy! The crowd made an agitated hum.
With his iron fingers, the C3P0 reached out to Lee and undid the top button of her light jacket.
Then the next button, then another.
Under the jacket appeared white sweater made of thick fabric.
Leia looked at C3R0 in bewilderment.
– Hey, friend, what are you doing? “Mrs. Leia,” the droid babbled, hiding his eyes, “I was ordered to: undress you.”
I can not disobey, otherwise I will become a pile of scrap metal.
Leia was taken aback, her eyes widened for a second.
Looking around, the girl noticed that the crowd in the stands eagerly leaned forward, trying not to miss anything.
The eyes of humanoids and even human slaves glowed with undisguised lust.
– Bastard! shouted Leia Jabbe and jerked, trying to pull her hands out of the iron ring of the chain.

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In vain – she just barely stretched the bones of the hands.
– What are you up to, creature ?! “The whole galaxy,” Jabba said slowly, “has long wondered: what is the great princess hiding behind her tight jacket and pants?” Maybe the rebel leader is not even a woman – where is the evidence that she has boobs? Or maybe it’s just a guy, just a long-haired one? Now we will find out who is right.
Hey, droid, cut this creature’s sleeves on the jacket.
Chiknu several times with large scissors, the robot executed the order.
The sleeves of the jacket fell apart, and she flew off Leia, opening her white sweater to the eyes of those present — so tight that the contours of her chest could hardly be seen under it.
Shame is the only thing the princess was afraid of.
And now they are about to disgrace her.
If help does not arrive, then.
No, It is Immpossible! Leia gritted her teeth, filled with rage.
– While it is not clear: I tend to the fact that this is still a guy.
Start cutting on her sweater, dummy! – Jabba rumbled.
– To start the bottom edge.
“C3P0, don’t do this,” the girl said, desperately hoping for a miracle.
“Sorry, madam,” the droid whispered softly and began to shred a sweater at

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the princess.
With a click, the scissors cut off its lower part, exposing the princess’s taut, fair belly.
Jabba smiled and, holding out his paw, held it over the girl’s stomach, rubbed a cup of navel.
After his nasty touch on the skin of the princess remained slime.
Leia was silent, but there was anger and shame in her eyes, which even intensified when she noticed a camera in the corner of the stadium. Chubby teen webcam sex.

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