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She pulled out Stararushkina’s mother to that meeting, took her passport and metrics from Karabaha-drums without any problems.
He didn’t even squeak, squatted and spoke – kept in a safe – for the safety of important documents.
And the mother reported that she had picked up an option through the housing department: there is a lonely elderly woman, a block away, not far from the cafe.

She has a double room, she has a lot of it, she is ready to give one room to a family with a child at least three years old.
Our old woman quite fit into this category.
The fee is moderate, especially since my mother is ready to be a guarantor.
I sighed with relief, everything is going very well.
And I went to meet with the old woman’s mother for a serious conversation.
He drove the goat away to ride a bike, and he immediately got down to business: here is the money, I honestly saved it, I earned it to help Nastya.
There is enough to pay for a rented apartment for six months in advance, enough for a few months of life if

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you want to leave the cafe and change jobs, and for all sorts of bribes to speed up the registration of temporary registration, a new passport and all that.

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She looked at the wad of money a little crazy and was silent.
She finally spoke.
Thanks, all that, she also has accumulated more than five thousand.
I chuckled – n-yes, a normal video card is not enough.
Work to change – she does not know where to go, maybe with time.
She cannot take that much money, but thanks anyway and all that.
I began to patiently explain that now there will be all sorts of new expenses – her daughter goes to school, which means – buy a uniform, all sorts of textbooks, pens, pencils, the house needs a table and a comfortable chair and all that.
Her daughter should not feel worse than anything else.
She left and agreed that if there is a need, she knows who to ask for help – me.
In the end, we agreed that until she lend me $ 200 for the arrangement of the Old Workplace, school supplies and all that.
Repeatedly repeated – in debt, they say, I will definitely return.
The next day, after dinner, we all went to see the new housing for the Buslovs: very close, there are several three-story houses in a row in the alley.
In one of them, on the ground floor, there was a pensioner, Eleonora Mikhailovna, my mother told me everything on the way – the terms of payment, the rules of living, such as not to make noise to her cats.
There are two of them: a thick and Siberian Persian, shaggy and hefty, like a sheep.
Found the right house and apartment, called.
Eleonora Mihailovna, a nice old granny, was wrapped up in a fluffy shawl despite the heat, very plump, similar to her Siberian cat.
Passed into the rooms, sat down. Depeche mode bongacams.

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