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”- Dasha explained to her.
“Well, I don’t know, I don’t know! And what if she has special devices for tracking on her body! I should check it out! ”- Peter, portraying the severity, said, showing with gestures of his hands what he intends to do with Jane.
She was frightened even more and hid behind Dasha’s back, having nestled herself with her body.

“Stop scaring the girl! We are afraid of everything here anyway, we still didn’t have enough, what our defenders would be like, and frightened us! ”- Dasha severely scolded him, and the words about the defenders had an impact on Peter.
He was embarrassed.
All his life he had dreamed of being a soldier and fighting for the Motherland, and therefore, the girl’s words were important to him.
He apologized again and took a few filled flasks from Tolik, they left, closing the broken door behind them.
Leaving, Peter remembered two numbers on the door- “54”.
For some reason it seemed to him that this was important and needed to be remembered.
Before dusk, no one appeared.
But the radio station was quite lively conversation between different military units.
Listening to the broadcast, the guys could not understand what was happening.
From the conversations, they realized that part of the commanding staff had somehow faded from the city, even without contacting the remaining commanders, could not coordinate their actions.
Then the shooting began in the city.
On their site, everything was calm, there were few people, and they passed quickly and without stopping.
There were many cars, but they all slipped in one direction – from the city.
Their food is over. Not so much from hunger, how much from idleness the soldiers ate the entire daily ration.
Then the connection suddenly disappeared.
There was not even the usual hiss and clicks.
Disappeared and cellular.
“I think we are on our own!” Said Sergey: “We need to settle down somehow for the first time, and then decide what to do.

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I propose to send two people to reconnaissance at a neighboring checkpoint, one to put on duty, and the rest to sleep.
But first you need to find food.
I propose to visit all the same store.
All agreed with him, and Tolik and Peter went to the store, and Acne with Lena went on reconnaissance.
The door of the store was closed from the inside, but Peter, without thinking twice, broke the glass sheet and they climbed inside.
Typing products, especially all sorts of delicacies and sweets, not forgetting the elite alcohol, they returned to the checkpoint.
“Fuck, marauders! Fuck so much typed
The cycle of practical development of the necessary skills ended and a dozen with a joyful noise leaving the audience.
The teacher hurriedly collected the documents when they knocked quietly on the door.
“Enter” – he said and looked sluggishly at the door.
She was timidly stepping into the head of the student, who was all unsuccessful throughout the cycle.
“I can talk to you,” she said softly.
“Yes, that there, say” -kivnulon head.
“Nikolai Ivanovich, please give me a troika, but they can be expelled from the institute,” she began, blushing thickly.
“Well, Nikolai Ivanovich, I beg you very much, I will be very grateful to you,” she continued to ask, slowly sobbing.
The teacher sat with his head in his hands and absently looked at the student.
It was a well-built girl with a pretty face framed by dark golden hair folded into an intricate hairstyle.
She sat across from her, and rare tears flowed down her cheeks.
The teacher was adamant.
Suddenly, a slightly noticeable cramp ran down the

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girl’s face and, shaking her head, stood up and walked over to the table where the teacher was sitting.
When she had time, but the buttons on her blouse were as if accidentally unfastened, and in the neckline two white-pink curvy breasts were clearly visible.
According to the modern fashion, the girl was not wearing a bra, and both her gorgeous breasts, to the beat of the breath, swayed slightly.
The teacher’s pupils widened at the sight of this picture, he sighed and slightly pulled back.
“Oh,” the girl suddenly cried out and gently sank to the floor, deprived of feelings, whether in fact, or pretending to be artfully.
But be that as it may, but the teacher jumped up and rushed to help the girl.
She lay in a very seductive pose. The blouse spread even more into the sides, and two wonderful, young breasts appeared outside, as if inviting to caress them.
The skirt ridden upward revealing slender legs, somewhat scattered to the sides.
There were no panties on her (probably again a tribute to fashion, or especially for this occasion), and therefore it was well noticeable between the legs spread apart dark, attracting a beautiful female nature, which made her breathless! Direct live sex.

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