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Above them floated the sky – a blue funnel, dense, bottomless, drawing them into itself, depriving of weight and memory.
The pain passed on the third day, and Kisse surrendered to George as much as he could bear.
She wove wreaths of wormwood, pale hyacinths and algae, red as her lips; she wove flowers around him and said: “he also needs a wreath”; she was decorated with violets, pebbles and mussels, and George painted her with blue clay, waving her lumps in thick hair and building fantastic towers with colored pebbles on her head.

Kisse’s nipples, full of weeping, swelled, tanned and

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bulged out with horns, brown as pebbles, and naked, pysya always shone with moisture.
One day, Kisse brought blue and white paint.
They painted like savages, and then George painted Kisse blue, and she painted it white until the last hair, between the toes, leaving only the penis clean; and then, when they fucked and rubbed against each other, white and blue paint mixed up, covering their bodies with nacreous divorces, fanciful, like sea foam.
Or like clouds in the sky, ”Kisse said, smearing paint over George’s thigh.

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– We are stupid.
We are naked colored crazy, – she sang, tucking her painted legs.
The paint was badly washed off, and the grimy Kisse cried afterwards like a small one, wiping off the blue skin.
Georgy put her with cancer and bursting behind her like a mitten, and she howled, swept the sand in her hair and swayed, rolling her eyes.
He fucked her in the waves, between two stones: the water was swaying, and Kisse was blinking and melting in cold salt.
Her voice hoarse, hardened, lowered, she became scattered and shameless; she liked bulging up her genitals for George, liked being naked, thinking and talking only about fucking, and even liked when they saw fucking, she liked to feel the views on tight breasts, on wet vagina substituted by George, and to think that she was right, and their spies are not.
He and Georgy lost all shame, they urinated and defecated in front of each other, like animals, and were played by the sexual organs, continually arousing themselves.
George taught her to lick a member, taught him to saddle and slide on him like a flywheel, and Kisse experienced a delight of power over his body, chilling like waves in a bay.
White rocks, blue sea and blue sky were with them.
Blue enveloped everything and everyone, without boundaries and limits, and white invaded the blue, cutting it with the sun and the edges of the rocks.
You’re in me, like that stone enters the sea, ”said Kisse, moaning near George.
– And I like the waves.
I swing, and sing, and cry.
I am wave.
Ahhhhh! – she ached, shuddering with bliss, and scraped the sand with her fingers, and beat her heels on the ground, looking at George with black crazy eyes. Erotiklady livejasmin.

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