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It seems that he came up and asked the bartender to treat me to his favorite cocktail.
Yes, it was.

everything since that time i don’t remember anything
He stood and admired her.
She is beautiful.
Slim body, appetizing shape.
Smooth and white skin like porcelain.
Golden curls scattered on the pillow.
All this beauty was in his power.
She was tied with green silk ribbons.
This color created a harmonious contrast to her skin.
Are you interested in where are you? You are in my house.
You will be here while I want it and leave here when I decide so.
You will obey me in everything and any contradiction or disobedience on your part will be severely punished.
Immediately let me go !! This will not get away with you! After my lessons, you will become very obedient.
Believe me.
– You grinned.
You take a floger and touch the leather tails in your hand, you pass through your fingers.
Gently touch them to my chest and slowly lead down, caressing me with a floger.
Touching my body lightly, the leather stripes slid over my bare skin. Free live sext.

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