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And if necessary, do not be afraid to use attacking spells.
After all, you constantly incinerate logs with fireballs and gut game telekinesis.
– Good.

I’ll do the best I can, the girl turned pale with fear.
“Kill them if necessary,” Eric handed her the dagger.
– If not you them, then they you.
Take care of yourself.

In front of the door to the chief’s office, I barely pulled my huge and heavy boobs out of the bra.
– Yes! Come in – chef shouted My chest was fluttering when I went to the table at which the chef was sitting in his chair.
I leaned over and set the coffee in front of him.
Boobs swayed in front of his face.
“Go to Seryoga, let him feed you, I have a meeting just about,” said the chef.
“Does he give me away?” I thought.
About a month ago, I pulled the handle of the milk-dispensing kitchen at the children’s clinic, expressed milk, I came to take it.
The door was closed.
A man with whom I lived threw me, then I lost a child, I had nowhere to live and nothing.
Even the kitchen did not work.
I tried not to cry, I had nowhere to go.
Things lay in the storage room at the station, with money from the sale of breast milk, I expected to at least eat and go look for work.
My eyes fell on the bulletin board, one of them interested me.
It took a girl up to 35 years to work as a secretary, a prerequisite, she must be nursing and she must have milk.
“What a fad?”, But not in my position was to think.
I worked as a secretary for seven years in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
I called, thank God, there was some money left on my mobile phone and thank God it was not a practical joke.
The man said that I would come tomorrow.

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I could not stand, burst into tears.
Hardly squeezed out that I have no money, and nowhere to live.
– Do you have any milk? – asked Seryoga, so he introduced himself.
“I can pour a bath,” I replied.
– Are you pretty? “Well, the questions” – I don’t know, I like it, although I don’t know.
I could hardly hold back the tears, remembering how Tolya had left me, having learned that I was pregnant.
“I have no money on my mobile.”
– Darn.
He thought, felt that he did not want to go after me somewhere.
– So where are you? – Timiryazevskaya house 6.
At the children’s clinic.
– Let me give you a grandmother, and you give me your picture.
– Fuck you.
I turned off my cell phone and burst into tears.
“I’m an idiot, some kind of

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pervert is driving something, and I persuade him” Seryoga called back, “Okay, damn it, sit still.
I will now.
“Good,” I replied.
I still had no place to go to go home, I needed money for a ticket, which was not there.
About an hour later, Seryoga appeared.
For some reason I immediately realized that it was him.
Fatty jock, like the form still supports, but loves to devour and drink.
Forty years old, it is clear that the former athlete.
– Did you call? I nodded my head.
Seryoga admired me.
– Wow, damn it.
I was afraid you were scary.
He said that his boss has a problem, but this is only a secret, well, in the sense that he will tell if I go for it.
– Will you go or not? – How do I know if you do not say anything? “Okay, just give me your boobs a look.”
He stretched his hand to my chest and immediately received a hand.
– You’re an idiot? Would remove the prostitute and squeeze.
Seryoga sighed and thought about it, but I was scared, suddenly leaving.
– Come on, to whom I will tell.
Tell me, I said peacefully.
– In short, this theme.
He told the following: His boss is forty and a little.
He is quite a man, but notorious, a workaholic, his wife never cheated.
Count up? Twenty years together, but now it’s not worth it to his wife, and she dragged him to a sex therapist, and in general for doctors.
Chef, already gray all walks.
I say to him, let me chase you.
He is not.
I can not on the other.
Then we decided with one of his friends as a doctor, well, like, how to prescribe his mother’s milk and that there is not any bottle, but from the chest, they say, it is useful for you only with the heat of the heat. Free online black sex.

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