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Raise your eyes, bitch.
Stella sees two men.
One is about the age of her husband, the other is a very young boy.

The older one looks enthusiastically and greedily, the younger one looks away a little embarrassed and hastily.
This is my cousin Edward and son Bob.
And how to call her? What is your name, bitch? – the owner addresses to Stella.
The female voice is a bit hoarse from long silence and remnants of unperceived sperm: Whore, bitch, bedding, damn.
The owner laughed: You can call her as you please, she must understand that this applies to her.
And so.
Can a thing have a name? And you can use it? Do you want to, Ed, relieve tension? Hey, bitch, show your mouth whether everything is clean there.
And look down, bitch.
Enough staring at someone not supposed to.
Stella opens her mouth wide, showing what the master wants.
And fuck? Even without raising her gaze, Stella sees the shadow of displeasure slid across her host’s face.
For God’s sake.
I thought, dinner, chat, and then it would be used.
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