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Did the reader see people who would always walk alone? I think that did not see.
However, this question was asked without any hint of a joke or irony.
Yes, no: That is, well, in general: I have not finished my bottle yet and of course, I felt exactly.

However, just starting a conversation, I found myself drunk to death.
Was it caused by beer, or something else – I know.
I fell silent.
The empty-faced nymphets with a look sucked on cigarettes and boringly supported Sasha’s story about how he rested on the sea.
– Were your friends beautiful? – the reader will ask.
-Of course! – But why are you bored and mute, Seryozha? -How to tell you, friends: I just did not see myself next to them.
With all my gut, I could not grope at least a thread that would bind us.
-How do you like them? – Sasha asked ten minutes later.
-Nothing, beautiful: We again went to the dance floor.
And again the multicolored lights slid across the black shadows of the clothes.
The bright group of those who risked to go to the dance floor began to sparkle again.
– How do you get those in red? – sasha tricked my sleeve.
-What? -Yes, where do you watch! -One of which with blond hair, or what? -Well yes ! -Hm: Here, in theory, I should have said something.
Say harshly, energetically, and then stand up and flash eyes.
And that must have been requested by every muscle of mine.
“Go ahead,” I told myself mentally, and sharply lifted my head.
An unheard of nausea immediately stopped my breath.
The softened head began to spin, the trees floated: -Why, why should it, after all, just a couple of bottles: – but this thought didn’t touch me at all and quickly disappeared somewhere.
And here is a street in front of me.
Plain street with ordinary houses.

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There are hundreds of them in Moscow.
But this is exactly the street.
The one that, judging by the many, I will remember for a very long time.
Trees, stalls, pedestrians – everything is as usual.

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a strange, sweet and simultaneously tugging feeling every time pulls this picture out.
And asphalt floats up, odors arise and interfere.
Here the body pierces the shadow of that fright and embarrassment, the desire to look down.
And here is the incomparable feeling of your surprisingly delicate hand, clasped in my palm.
Unusual, to fear a pleasant feeling.
-Sergei ! – what are you doing: Sergey! I shake my head and mumble: -Here! Twitching to the beat of the rhythm, we will approach them.
Come, stand next and start to dance.
In addition to blond hair and a red jacket, I saw jeans.
It seems green.
I did not know why I did not even look at the dancing girlfriends.
Whether out of indifference, or out of malice.
Or maybe I trusted Sasha.
With a bottle in hand to dance more correctly and more pleasant.
Monotonous hoot, crumbling from the speakers, and envelop my mind.
-Sergey, did you see? – Sasha clung to my ear.
-What? -Well, how she looked at you! “What, one wonders, look at me? I suppose I came here to dance, not to stare at the sides.”
It usually takes me no more than a second to suppress this thought.
But this time something happened.
-Be back soon.
– I threw an empty bottle and went to the stall.
As a child I loved the book about Winnie the Pooh.
And each time I almost cried, again reading it to the end and realizing that I would not read anything like that anymore.
Once on the mezzanine I caught a bear cub, exactly the same as the one from the fairy tale! Memory, longing and some kind of duty obliged me to play with him, although it was completely uninteresting to me.
But I wanted to stretch the fairy tale by any means, and the understanding of such impossibility was especially hard for me.
I was with her yesterday.
The one that I remembered a few minutes ago.
He sat in the kitchen, drank tea, looked out the window.
And she sat opposite.
She laughed, straightened her hair and said something.
I tried to guess the familiar features in it, to hear those very frazochki, to catch the look that so excited me then.
But everything was quite usual and completely unfamiliar.
Only once, having heard the secret phrase “Do not play the hose,” I began to smile.
Here is the stall.
It sells at a fabulous price nasty kebabs, heated in a microwave.
However, the queue is worth a decent.
I’ll stand at the end. Free retro dog sex online.

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