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head of department, which got only a diploma), and already – master of communication.
“For a creative approach in solving complex problems that ensured the timely launch of the most important object” was said in the order.
This was all the more pleasant since the restructuring was already in full swing, and there was a feeling that such icons would soon become a rarity.

“Give it to me,” Natashka murmured, considering the badge.
– Why do you need? – I was surprised.

– And there is written some silver, and I have a neighbor, her lucky man makes rings from fifty dollars of twenties.
Let me make of him.
I suddenly felt sorry for the badge – after all the memory.
– No, Natah, I will give it to children, if, of course, I have them.
Let them know that their father at least something, but was rewarded.
But while I was uttering this tirade, Natashka suddenly jumped up and with a laugh (“But I won’t give up!”) Rushed headlong up the stairs.
Not immediately realizing what had happened, putting out a cigarette, I rushed after her.

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But the handicap granted to me by me during my some confusion did not allow me to catch up with her.
True, there were few floors in our ministry building, and in the sixth, the last one, it was trapped.
She rushed to the front door to the floor, but the door was locked, and it was in this appendix that I overtook her.
Realizing that she had nowhere to go, she turned her back on me, hiding from me the subject of my industrial pride, and huddled into a corner.
I wrapped my arm around her to find the stolen one, and I groped.
incredibly tender and surprisingly tight chest.
Natasha was, as always, without a bra, and hers was not very large, but the round and full boob through the thin silk of her blouse was unusually pleasant to the touch.
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