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I cursed that old fart three times in a well-worn suit of clearly peripheral style, which has closed such a sight from me.
I involuntarily began to fantasize about her legs.
I tried just mentally to attach the image to her figure, created by me a little ahead of time.

Does not exceed.
Changed the color of shoes on black – is already better, but still not the same.

Fantasy weakens when confronted with reality.
If this girl were a figment of my imagination from beginning to end, then it would not have cost me to pick up a pair of suitable legs to her figure, but since she stands a couple meters away from me – alive, in flesh, then I have nothing left to do except to sit and wait until the occasion deigns to reveal the rest to me.
Apparently, noticing how I looked at her, the girl threw a slightly contemptuous glance at me and turned away.
Proud, probably – do not approach.
Two ideas were spinning in my head: to give her a place (it’s possible: they’ll take it, as long as I get to it, and it’s too cheeky) or let this treacherous owner of the bag sit down so that the light doesn’t cover.

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I was about to make the second, as we drove to another stop.
Many people came out (including a village with a suitcase) and immediately became freer.
I watched as the beauty sat in the vacant seat opposite me, and rummaged in her purse, pulled out some kind of book.
She opened it on the mortgaged, crunched cover, spread out the pages elegantly, and plunged into reading.
I wonder what she reads.
Sheldon Marinina? Or maybe something piquant, like “Philosophy in a boudoir”? It is good to.
I love like-minded people.
But at this moment I was already captured in it by another.
She gracefully threw her leg over the leg, and I remembered that my beauty has legs.
Two whole.
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