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You leaned even closer to me, for a moment the gates of the robe opened for me the foot of the new hills, white and elastic, I would be Indiana Jones, I would call them hills of love and happiness.
Your face came close to mine.
My breath stopped, my pupils dilated, I never felt your smell so close, it was beautiful.

I peered into your face in your eyes trying to capture this moment in my memory forever.
Your lips parted, tender, poured, a little plump.
Another centimeter, getting closer.
You kissed me.
Gentle, sweet, a little passionate.
My lips still remember the touch of your slightly moist lips.
– This is to remove the bitterness of drugs.
– you said and the good smiled, the smile was not big, sincere and not much embarrassed, but you obviously were pleased with yourself.
After a moment, consciousness returned to my heart, and again began to drive blood through the veins with double speed, my breathing a little faster.
“This is clearly better than morphine.”
“Well, I’ll think about including this on your list of drugs.”
And now I have to go.
Already at the door you said: “Do not be sad, I’ll be back soon” and winked.

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The pills and breakfast started to work faster than I thought.
A dream came to me and I could not fight it.
Sleep two.
Hot sand.
when you are on the beach, it is washed by the warm waters of the sea, to bring pleasure, you are relaxed you lie on it, listen to the sound of the surf and just in a drowsy bliss you enjoy.
But when you are in the desert, where as far as the eye can see, the yellow sun merges with the yellow sand, where there is no hint of a drop of water, where every grain of sand absorbs all the evil of the sun like a small hot ember.
Then hot sand is a curse.
This is hell.
The horizon merged into a single muddy haze.
Blurred, changed forms under the scorching sun and drove crazy like a picture of Salvador Dali.
Two silhouettes on the horizon line, also shrouded in solar shade, played this game along with everything around, blurring, changing shape on the colored yellow horizon line.
The first silhouette was twice as large as the second, moving measuredly and without haste as it seemed, the second was keeping close but lagging behind.
Having approached the silhouettes, it was easy to see that a big silhouette was just a man on a camel, and who was sitting next to

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a small girl, her hands were tied, there were chains on the neck, the chain went from her delicate neck and ended in the hands of the rider.
I am an assassin.
I stole you.
Stole from the sheikh.
Not because I love, not because I am a fighter for freedom.
This is my job, they hired me.
I stole you from one sheikh because I was paid by another.
All I have to do is deliver you and I will receive my reward. Hidden cam indian sex pics.

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