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This is from arousal.
Ten minutes later, ecstasy entered, Dasha urinated her friend in the mouth with a geyser.
– If I could have warned you that you are ending like this, – she was offended.

– Sorry, I did not have time.
Yana, did you get the kalf? – What else – urine in your mouth! – All clear.
I won’t let you go anywhere until you get pleasure.
I have an idea! Jumping out of bed, Dasha rushed into the kitchen and, slamming the refrigerator door, returned with two sausages interconnected.
Sticking one sausage into her vagina, the girl settled between the legs of her friend and then, pulling together her pubes, she pushed the second sausage into her.
“Oh,” she screamed in fright.
– Listen to me carefully, – Dasha raised her index finger instructively.
– We will fuck each other in turn.

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I saw such a plot in porn.
So: the muscles of the vagina squeeze your sausage and do the jock, then me.
And so take turns.
After several unsuccessful attempts, the girls entered into an established rhythm.
In the sexual impulse, the speed increased.
The smooth movement of the buttocks increased and turned into sharp shocks.
Suddenly, Jana stopped and groaned.
– What happened? – Dasha got nervous.
– In me something snapped.
When the sausage was taken out, blood was splashed out of her vagina onto a sheet.
“What have you done to me?” – frightened Yana.
– Dura, rejoice! Whistling hit.
Be proud, I made you a woman in your seven years.
– This is not dangerous? You also have no hymen? – I have deprived myself of virginity greenhouse cucumber.
In short, parents will come soon.

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Now we will put ourselves in order and seriously deal with anatomy: 7 The girls carried out sexual activities enthusiastically and without absenteeism, except weekends – then the parents were all at home.
In the spring, Yana complained to her juvenile partner: “After our masturbations with you, my squeak hurts like it was rubbed with sandpaper, and the pleasures are zero.
If you knew how I wanted to pounce on a huge, standing male member.
I would kiss every cell on it.
We are friends, and friends should share.
Introduce me to your choir.
– Now, only pogluzhu laces, – Dasha still hid from her partner relationship with his own father.
– I have an idea: for the summer holidays, they are going to send me to my grandmother in the Builders’ neighborhood.
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