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I’m late for work again, – thought Artem in his car.

From home to work it was no more than 10 minutes away, but at home the keys constantly disappeared somewhere, painfully long coffee was brewing, strove to silence without making an alarm clock, so being late for work was not something incredible, rather commonplace.
And this time everything could get away with it if it were not for the meeting with the owner of the company.
Olga Alexandrovna stopped him in the corridor and said that he should immediately explain to her.
In response, only another excuse was heard, uttered in a low voice to the floor.
Follow me! – the girl commanded and went to her office.
As if a subordinate chained by an invisible thread followed her.
Greeting the secretary, Olga took Artem to her office and locked the door.
The young man did not understand why he silently followed this girl down the corridor.
He was simply captivated by her beauty – Olga was a tall girl with perfect body features that clothes nicely hid.
From her gaze, any man’s strong green eyes fell silent, her long hair seemed to be carried away somewhere far away.
So, you’re late again.
By the way, your contract is over.
And I do not consider it necessary to extend it.
So, standing in the center of the office, Artem realized that he was losing his well-paid job, and, consequently, housing in the city, the car and, among other things, the opportunity to see this insanely beautiful woman.

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Olga Alexandrovna, please leave me! I really need this job.
The girl carefully looked at Artyom and put one turned leg on the other.
They were so gracefully adorned with black shoes on a long thin heel.
What can you offer? With your work you can not cope, what can you do here? Anything, Olga Alexandrovna! I can do any work.
Absolutely any? Are you sure? Yes, Olga Alexandrovna.
For about a minute, the girl enjoyed the boy’s helplessness.
Then she said: Well, I think it will be possible to conclude a new contract with you, if you really are ready for everything as you say.
True, its content will be somewhat different.
Are you ready to be my subordinate again? Yes, I am ready, – answered Artem, not knowing yet what awaits him.
At that moment, he did not even think that this consent would be the last that he would ever have to give.
Well, let’s see what you can get.
Olga opened the drawer and put on a black leather glove.
Artem noticed that the whole glove seemed to be enveloped by a thin metal net, which was connected into a silver-pearl bracelet around the wrist.
The girl got up from the chair and commanded: Undress! Alive! Completely! Everything, but Artem was not ready for it.
And instead of obeying, he stood hesitantly and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.
Do not rush to perform? Ah, how not good, at the very beginning of our “business” relationship and no longer cope.
Nothing now fix.
The word “business” was spoken with a certain mockery.
Olga slowly approached Artem and her gloved hand first gently touched his arm, then walked along the inside of her palm, touched her shoulder, momentarily surrounded her neck.
The young man did not have time to think anything, as he felt an iron grip on his hair.
Olga easily knocked Artem on the floor.
Holding his hair

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, she made him crawl on his knees a few meters to the foot of her chair.
Artem’s cheek burned a slap in the face. Hindi sex chat live.

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