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Well, relax.
Dura, it will hurt.
Push as if you want to use the toilet.

Well! The woman tried to push her.
And then a sharp pain pierced her lower back.
Vera drove her dick to its full length.
The woman moaned and cried.
Vera began to fuck her mother in the ass.
You can cry if it helps you, but I will fuck you constantly in all holes.
The woman began to cry, moaning.
Vera stretched her hand between the hips of the woman and began to squeeze her clit.
Slippery and wet fingers, soiled in the mucus of maternal secretions Vera stuffed her mother’s mouth.
Suck bitch.
This is your snot.
You’re wet like a whore.
You do like it.
Vera grabbed her clit again and squeezed.
Elena Nikolaevna screamed like a carved one and began to shake in convulsions of an orgasm.
The orgasm lasted a long time.
it was the longest orgasm in her life.
The woman’s body went limp.
Vera pulled the dick from her mother’s ass and brought it to her face.
Lick, bitch.
That everything was clean.
! The woman looked at her daughter and got slapped.
Slowly and obediently opening the mouth, the woman began to lick the black barrel.
There was no feces.
There was mucus.
The woman dutifully licked.
And now bitch, my turn.
Vera took a wide dildo.
Lie on the sofa on your back.
The woman lay down.
Open your mouth, mom.
Elena Nikolaevna opened her mouth.
Vera inserted a member of the short end into the mouth of a woman and fastened straps on her head.
A wide and powerful end stuck above the head of the mother.
Vera took off her panties, boots and climbed over her mother. House wife live sex.

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