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Although he did not complain, and the coach was pleased with his behavior and success in physical work.
Well, you are a slut, – Ludmila said laughing.
– This davalka still need to search, not a single member will not miss, – to which the young man could only remain silent according to.

After all, arguing with the coach was more expensive.

They have a strange relationship.
They seem to love each other, and behave as if on a battlefield.
Permanent war of characters.
Who will win.
A game.
But that is why she fell in love with him.
She needed a worthy opponent.
Oh yes, he is worthy.
Strong, resourceful, witty.
And also, like her, she loves these games, and the short temper inherent in both of them only adds spice.
In general, they found each other.
Their war lasted from the very first meeting.
It almost faded away, then flared up with a new force, but it did not stop for a moment.
And the excitement of this game has drunk them both more and more, not allowing them to break the vicious circle, although such battles often ended in quarrels, for the stubbornness, pride and arrogance of them both did not take. Https vporn com webcam.

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