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Isimura is a well-known reptile, but quick-witted, – he chuckled.
– She would have a good fuck.
Kia, meanwhile, was striding along the corridor.

Extremely indignant at the behavior of subordinates, for some time she was distracted from disturbing thoughts about a possible enemy.
Epok and Kairi showed extreme irresponsibility, bordering on sloppiness.
And Isimura could not tolerate irresponsibility.
Raised in a family of hereditary military, she was strict with herself and the world from a young age.
Even she had sex as if she was running a hundred meters for a while.
Perhaps that is why no pleasure received.
None of those three times in twenty three years.
An hour later.
According to the testimony of the devices, no one is trying to detect.
So there was hope.
What they slipped unnoticed.
A group of reconnaissance aircraft set off and advanced towards the intended location of the camp of the Imperials.
A small triple all-terrain vehicle carried them to the northwest.
Looking at the ship disappearing behind the hills, covered with a camouflage net, Kia Isimura felt something.
It was like seeing Arcturus for the last time.
She sometimes had this feeling.
In moments when the sensitive part of nature got out.
Turning away, the cap-three looked at the Epawk sitting next to her in the all-terrain vehicle, staring diligently ahead.
Yes? What have you got with Kairi? Eeee.
Nothing special, ma’am. ”He unwittingly stretched his hand to his head to scratch the back of his head in bewilderment, but the helmet interfered.

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But you.
Well it is.
This is nothing, ma’am.
Like this? Are you her?
Well, yes, ma’am.
But this does not mean anything.
I do not take to heart the fucking.
I mean, if you were.
Then I would have you.
I apologize.
Giving the icy look to the black man, Isimura turned to the driver.
Forty-one hours later. See anything? She asked Epok.
I see, – he whispered.
– Standard camp colonists deployed in four buildings.
Administration, warehouse, accommodation.
Only for some reason, too many people, and all with weapons.
Healthy such bulls.
This is exactly the Imperial special forces.
The scouts lay on top of a small

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sandy hill, from which there was an impressive view of the buildings of those for whom they came here.
No flag was flying over the main building, there were no insignia on the clothes of the people they saw, but it was still clear that they were not pirates.
The army weapons, the vehicles they saw and the standard appearance of the soldiers spoke for themselves.
The command was not mistaken: they were intelligence agents of the Empire, for some reason, stuck to the edge of the universe.
Isimura switched on the image recording mode on optics and also looked at the camp.
In my opinion, this is an archaeological base.
Look, this is not a warehouse, this is an excavation complex.
So there is something under it, in the ground.
But what? Not the resources they came here to look for.
I don’t know, ma’am, but I have very bad feelings.
Look at these faces! Thugs, which I have not seen in my life.
And each weapon has more than the three of us together.
Calm down, Epok.
Kia saw how a short man with a long leather coat and a cap of the same color came out of the administrative building into the red light of the local sun.
Glancing around with pale blue eyes, he ran his index finger along thin black mustaches and strode toward the archaeological complex.
Three men with weapons followed the shadows, apparently bodyguards.
While the man was crossing the parade ground between the buildings, all those oncoming saluted respectfully to him. Imargosha bongacams.

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