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And my mother left.
“To earn money” as she told me.
Three months later, the first letter came from her.

From Moscow.
Then there was a postcard from Turkey, from Kemer.
In Turkey, my mother worked for two years and for all this time she never came on vacation: And a year later, my mother sent a package from the city with the funny name Larisa.
This is in Greece.
Even in the package was a letter.
So good, detailed.
Mom wrote that she was well settled and soon she might come after me

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so that I could admire the beautiful Mediterranean Sea! Mediterranean Sea: Waves, blue transparent waves: Stones at the bottom of shallow bays, where small octopus hides, which the Greeks catch on olive branches: And on the embankment you can buy a piece of fried shark: And behind the windows – rainy, dirty, with useless roads Yuzhnouralsk: Near Magnitogorsk-Chelyabinsk runs along with the city, along which cars race day and night: Salt milkchips, red mushrooms, banks with cucumbers and tomatoes are traded on the sides: And somewhere there is the Mediterranean Sea: with octopuses: fried shark: And also mom lives there! But so far I had to endure.
And this provincial Yuzhnouralsk and this stupid provincial school.
Graduation, the eleventh grade, and I still do not even know where I would like to go to study, in what institute.
I really missed my mom.
I have not seen her for almost four years.
During this time I have grown very much, my height has become 185 centimeters, I have pumped myself some good muscles and in general, matured.
Became a man.
In the literal sense – the same way.
At a party with a classmate, with Marinka.
I, frankly, did not really like it.
But I endured.
I suffered all.
And my second cousin Lyoshka.
Wow, how much blood did he spoil me, youngster underdeveloped! That year I turned 17, and this “stub” for the Urals only – 4.

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He was terribly jealous of me! Still would! His mother is out in the next room, and mine is in the wonderful city of Larissa! And in general, soon one of us will go to the wonderful country of Greece, and this will obviously not be Lech! But suddenly a terrible day came on November 12th.
My aunt and her husband crashed to death by car.
Let’s go to Chelyabinsk for groceries and somewhere on the highway in their Zhigulenok Kamaz flew head-on: A Kamaz driver, you bastard, survived! And Lyokha and I were left alone.
Mom flew in from Greece.
She organized a funeral, a wake.
And then she took the documents — mine and Lyokhin.
And we flew to Moscow: Mom rented a room in Mitino, while she herself called all the time to some acquaintance and soon went to meet him.
He helped us make new documents.
True, his mother gave him almost all the money that earned over the years.
Many thousands of dollars! Honestly, at first I did not understand why, in my passport my year of birth changed.
I got older by 10 years.
But my mother was younger by 8 years.
She and I turned out to be practically of the same age.
Little of.
A stamp appeared in my passport that the Balashikha registry office is registered: between me and – mom !!! And Lyoshka became: our son !!! With my middle name! At first I did not understand anything.
Although mom tried to explain to me why these changes in documents are necessary: ??And only when we flew to Larisa: When mom settled us in a great room: When we sat with her on the large open balcony: When Leshka, tired of traveling and moving, slept “without hind legs”: When mom poured a little anisette into a tall glass and diluted it with cold water: When this liquid suddenly became light milky in color and flashed with thousands of ice crystals: When I swallowed this “murk”: When I spun a little head: Mom suddenly said: “I am a prostitute.”
So I work as a prostitute here.
Started back in Moscow, then in Turkey.
Now over here.
She said that she had settled in this hotel for a reason.
She said that this is not a simple hotel.
This is a swinger hotel.
Swingers are couples who like sex with other people.
Right in front of her husband.
A woman from the swinger family is very much appreciated by lovers.
If an ordinary prostitute receives 100 euros for a session with a client, then a married woman who is given to another man in front of her husband is 300 euros.
And she here earns per night up to a thousand euros.
Half – the owner of the hotel, half – her.
She said that before going to the funeral, she worked at another swinger-hotel, and Russian husband Andrei worked with her as “spouse”, but now he found another “wife” and went to Germany to work there, paying more for sex with married couples . Indian model nude photoshoot video.

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