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Stan thought for a long time what to grab with him – he didn’t like to visit empty-handed.
The choice fell on two packs of beer.
The weather was nice and warm.

His daughter wore a small skirt, barely covering the buttocks, and a vest on a naked body.
She didn’t wear Melanie’s panties – “we’ll swim anyway, she gets wet again,” she joked.
Stan was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
Just in case, he wore a pair of shorts.
He did not like to go in shorts, he thought that it was not customary to go to shorts.
But Melanie insisted: “Well, you’re a dad, you will be there alone in trousers, they spend a lot of time in the pool, and most likely they will meet us in swimming trunks, so shorts are exactly what we need.”
The door was opened by a smart, trimmed blonde with green eyes.

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She apparently had just left the pool, her hair was wet and combed back, water was dripping from her, the pink bikini barely covered the gorgeous body — through a strip of fabric that was almost transparent from the water, her nipples were sticking out, the size 4 breast was too good for the woman who gave birth two children – there clearly was not without silicone.
“My name is Catherine,” she introduced herself, “I am Gloria’s mother, she told me a lot and interestingly about you.
I am very glad to meet you, Stan, and your charming daughter Melanie “- while she kissed Melanie.
Let’s go to the pool, I will introduce you to my husband, his brothers and my son.
By the way, Gloria is not waiting for you.
Catherine turned and walked in front of them.
From the look of her chic buttocks rubbing at each other buttocks Stan’s member began to swell.
“You are very good-looking Kathryn,” said Stan, “in the world there are very few perhaps as attractive as you are women.”
“You have very beautiful and big boobs and you are wagging your ass with great force,” said Melanie.
“Dad, is it true that I will have the same big and beautiful tits like Catherine’s.”
Stan hesitated awkwardly.

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Catherine laughed and said – “Of course, sunshine, you will have the same beautiful and big breasts, and if you want, then I will teach you not only to wag your butt, but also many other interesting things that will please both you and your dad and some other people.
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