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Then he took three cans of meat stew, three loaves of bread, which he cut into pieces, plentifully moistened with canned food, put it all into a tarpaulin and carried it about a hundred meters from our camp.
When he came, Zuev asked him: – Stepanych? Well, bread with canned food is clear to me.
I decided to feed the tigers, but why did you salt the tarpaulin? ”“ And in the morning I will show it to you, ”answered Babenko, smiling mysteriously.

The next morning, Babenko led everyone to the place where the tarpaulin lay.
Bread with canned food and a trace of a cold, and the tarp was licked, almost to the holes.
– Well.
How? See what language these cats have? Everyone got out.
And tomorrow they will eat the tarp.
An animal in the taiga without salt death.
Now it became clear to everyone why the tiger was running at night in our dumps near the houses: salt is looking for something to eat.

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In particular, it is felt in winter, when it sweeps over snow everywhere, almost as tall as a man.
Babenko never slept with everyone in kunge.
He wore felt boots, a sheepskin coat, took a carbine with him and settled in the cab.
There, he was dozing until the morning, listening to the whisper of the taiga, smoked, overturned a couple of glasses of “sewed”, ate homemade bacon, and looked around.
The tiger, apparently chuyal the hunter and bypassed this camp.
An interesting tale told us Stepanych, as he witnessed one rare case of a meeting with a tiger.
It was in 1947.
Post-war time was difficult, hungry.
America stopped supplying food under Lend-Lease, and there was a poor harvest in the country in 1946, people were threatened with hunger.
But the Russian people are not accustomed to sit back and tempt fate for strength.

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Then people rushed to nature.
Who hunted in the taiga, who fished, and hunger receded.
At that time, Babenko lived in the area of ??the sanatorium at Okeanskaya station near Vladivostok.
And the men decided to go to the bay for ice-smelt fishing.
Fish, frankly, wonderful, cucumber smells.
She was both boiled and roasted, smoked, and what other dishes our women did not invent, but the men were the miners.
The winter was harsh, the ice on the bay barely reached a meter.
That rushed peasant army on the ice to catch smelt on trolling.
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