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He was like a schoolboy.
Sitting in the kitchen, talking about trivia, we drank beer under the murmur of the TV.
Quickly dealt with beer, we switched to brandy.

I got a snack, fruit.
Our conversation, skillfully guided by me, smoothly approached the secrets of personal life.
I told some funny stories from the intimate life of some of my patients.
And then about their sexual exploits in their youth.
– Well, how are you? How are you doing with your girlfriend? “Yes, no way,” he sighed somehow, as if embarrassed.
– What’s the matter? Have a fight? – Not.
I do not even know how to explain.
– Explain somehow.
– I do not know.
Somehow ceased to pull her.
– Well, it happens.
I used one – go to another, once I stopped pulling, – I grinned. Livejasmin video record.

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