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She could not kiss anymore, lifting and throwing her head back, rolling her eyes from pleasure, gave her son her nipple.
The guy did not have to explain for a long time what to do and at first he gently licked the berry trembling with desire, then, taking it with his lips, began to suck.
“What am I doing?” – for a split second flashed through the head of the mother.

But the thought was so tiny and fast, and the desire and passion so big and stormy that she continued.
Slightly moving her ass, she rubbed her panties over with her pubes about a guy’s firmly standing cock.
Rising, she pushed her panties to the side and when the head of the penis was opposite the entrance to the vagina, sank abruptly, planted on it to its full length.
Both froze for a moment, so sweet and pleasant were their sensations.
The son raised his head, and his mother kissed him again.
Slightly straining her hips, she began to move up and down on her son’s penis.
He helped her with his hands on her ass.
The movements became more intense, and the amplitude increased.
Mother moaned softly, moving her son’s cock in the wet from her discharge.
She tightly clutched his head with her hands, pressing her to her breasts.
Her vagina quietly squished, making a sound of champing.
The guy, holding mom’s ass, involuntarily touched mom’s anus with his index finger.
The son stroked this hole, she was very wet.
Burning with desire and fear, the guy did not know what to do next.
– Go ahead.
– above his ear came the whisper of the mother.
The son no longer doubted his finger, began to slowly enter the current hole of mom’s ass.
He brought him there to the full length, resting on something solid.
It was his dick.
Mother again began slow movements on his Coke.
“This is a sensation! Touch through the ass, your penis” – the son thought, before he heard again in his ear: – Add one more to it, it’s more pleasant for me.

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The guy, going crazy with happiness, put his second finger in mom’s ass.
And she already furiously jumped on it.
Sensing the approach of an orgasm, the mother rose from the child and, turning her back to him, abruptly planted her ass on his dick.
She was well oiled and stretched out, so the dignity of her son, without meeting special obstacles, easily penetrated her ass.
Sensing the crampedness of mom’s ass, the son indulged in new pleasures, pressing his mom to his waist.
He was struck by an unearthly buzz from a slight pain in the head of the penis.
He groaned.
Mother lay on his chest back.
She put her hand on her clit.
– Do not hurt? – turning her head, quietly asked the mother.
– Great! – gritted his teeth, said the guy.
Mother, lay her head on her son’s shoulder.
She kissed his cheek, and when he turned to her, she began to play with his tongue with her tip.
Starting masturbating, she also began to move her ass.
From the buzz, both closed their eyes.
The orgasm was close, and here it came.
Both finished simultaneously, shaking in convulsions.
The guy, spewing a huge portion of sperm in his mother’s ass, howled loudly, and she only quietly trembled.
Both limp.
Mother lay relaxed on her son, throwing arms and legs in different directions.
After a couple of minutes, coming to, she tried to

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get up.
She rose.
But see asshole already narrowed and did not want to release a soft and flexible hose.
Stretching out like a spring, he ridiculously jumped out of her ass, dragging a little of the sperm that flowed through her mother’s legs.
– Oh! I’m sorry.
– Mom almost laughed and covered her mouth.
She leaned over to kiss her son.
– Hrrr.
– Wow! Are you already asleep.
Probably sweet finished.
To bear him in her arms, as in distant childhood, the mother could no longer and, putting her on the sofa directly in the living room, gently covered her with a brought rug.
She went, took a shower and with thoughts than to surprise her child tomorrow, went to sleep.
The weak sun falls into the living room.
On the couch, throwing off the rug, the son snores.
You can hear the heels clicking.
Mother enters the room.
She is wearing a white lace bra, panties, white stockings with elastics and sandals on a high heel.
She rolls behind her a cart on which breakfast lies: a couple of cakes, yogurts, tea, coffee, honey, fruits, bananas.
Without looking at the child, mom pushes the cart to the sofa.
Here she notices the thrown blanket.
She bends down to pick it up.
She comes across a member of her son.
Her mind instantly turns off, she can not figure out anything.
This beautiful, fat and long sausage fascinated her so much.
The mother sits on her knees near the sofa, takes her son’s hand with her hand and shifts the skin from it, exposing the head. Naked blonde cam girl.

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