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All this time I firmly held her hands and looked at her face.
Alena’s eyes were often set aside, but in those moments when she looked at me, I felt that this look was especially close.
We seemed to be becoming one, I felt how my father moved inside her priests, how it caused my beloved pain and at the same time, a feeling of excitement and satisfaction.

– I will finish later, my dear daughter.
– Finally said the father standing up with Alena and slowly removing the member and her anus.
– Thanks dad, it was nice, although it hurt a little.
– Nothing cute, everyone who has engaged in anal sex, comes to pleasure through pain.
– Alyona’s father looked at me.
– Well, as for you, Kolya, I saw how you looked at Alena while I was inside her, I bet that you almost felt the same feelings that you felt when I fucked her in the ass.
I would not like to get even closer to Alena, to get closer to her and to feel in reality everything that she felt, because love is one soul in different bodies, experience what another part of your soul has experienced.
His words gave me a reason to think, because he was right, I felt Alena and felt her father inside my beloved.
And yes, for some reason, I don’t know why I wanted to be in her place, I wanted to get my ass fucked too.
– I have already thought about it, I had always looked at girls before, how simple it was to the object of desire, I wanted to have sex with them, but with Alena everything is different.
I love her and I want to understand her very openly in all aspects of life.
– And for this, you yourself must experience sexually all that you want to do with it.
– picked up a man.
– Do you want to take her from behind? Online indian hd sex video.

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