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Tatiana smiled, stroked me a little more and lay herself down on the shelves, the one that is lower, where it is not hot.
She spread her legs, and I saw her vulva with rather large labia, gleaming with moisture.
Tatiana took the very polished stick with a rounded end, which, it turns out, she took with herself, inserted into herself and began to move it back and forth.

– Oh, how good! Katyushka, show me your little bun, here, put your foot here so that you can see.
Closer, closer! I stood over her, putting one foot on the shelves so that my crotch was visible.
– So, clever.
You have a beautiful little chick, pussy.
Overdone, swollen, flushed, Sekel visible, sticks.
But nobody else fucked.
Saying this, Tatyana continued to fuck herself, breathing heavily and moaning.
I was again excited and felt a drop of grease running down my leg.
Standing almost over the very face of Aunt Tanya, I quickly rubbed my clit with my finger.
Then Tatyana exhaled and stopped moving.
– Oh, my hands are tired! Come on, girl, help my aunt.
I took my leg off the regiment, bent down and took hold of the end of the stick sticking out of its vagina.
Aunt Tanya covered my hand with hers, showed exactly how to move, and I set to work.
Slipping with a squish went back and forth, the woman moaned and crumpled her breasts.

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– Well, how! Stronger poke, ebi, do not be afraid! Oh, dying, sweet, how! She stuck her hand behind me between my legs, and while I gratified her with a

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handle, she masturbated to me.
We finished almost at the same time.
Tatiana took a wet cutting out of herself, rose from the shelf and kissed me on the cheek.
– Thank you, Katyushka, appeased.
My pussy, though not young, but all one wants to fuck, so until old age, it is clear I will live with him instead of my husband, – she pointed to the cutting and laughed.
– Aunt Tan, why don’t you find a man for yourself? – I asked.
– And what man? Here we can not find.
I don’t need other people’s husbands, but I don’t have free ones, or all the bitter drunkards, who have horseradish instead of decorations.
Come on, we’ll steam up with you, let me go bake the cake, I have already set the dough.
With cabbage today will be.
I lived with Tatyana for a month, during this time we went to the bathhouse again for six times, I completely stopped being ashamed of and we freely and for a long time satisfied each other.
In the rest of the time, nothing in our life resembled bathing games.
In the evenings I still listened to her stories, we watched TV together, drank tea.
When it came time for me to leave, Tatiana even shed a few tears.
– I got used to you, Katyushka, you became like a daughter to me.
I have sons, and I dreamed of everything about my daughter.
– Aunt Tan, and I’m used to you.
I will try to come visit you sometime, – I hugged her.
– Come, come, and I’ll melt the bathhouse for the guest, – Tatyana smiled slyly at me.
– You, Katya, the girl is hot, until you find your husband, please hum your nest more often.
For girls, Sekel and Daden, and more is not needed for anything.
I didn’t manage to come to that village more, but then I often remembered Aunt Tanya, especially when I was masturbating. Online sex and dating.

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