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Vika all shuddered.
A piercing cry of pleasure was the answer to me, I also finished and almost lost consciousness – so magically was the mermaid’s vagina.
Then it was still until I was exhausted, I left Vika to sleep in the water – she could not be on the air for a long time, the gills dried up.

In the morning she removed the scales as a stocking and casually put them in the closet.
“Now it’s a part of me,” with a smile, she stroked the bundle.
The call was sharper and longer than usual.
I opened the door and saw Vika’s startled face.
All soaked and very excited.
She got taller when I looked at my legs, I saw that she was standing on sandals on her toes? Feet were extended, fingers rested vertically on the floor, heels sticking out from behind like spurs.
She nervously quivered.
I grabbed her in my arms and sat her in a chair – What happened? -I hit by rain and nothing more.
He acted strangely to me, at first I was running on tiptoes, but my feet were stretched so that I was already standing on my toes in the entrance.
– But why? – Apparently, I have not been in the water for a long time, and the rain woke a mermaid in me.
Feet tingle a little.
Take off my shoes.
I rushed to take off my shoes – what a lovely sight – the feet are stretched, the fingers look like a spike and tremble.
I brought a towel and gently wiped her feet.
She tried to straighten the foot in the usual position, but could not, – the toe was stretched again.
She put her feet on her fingers and smiled.
– Nothing will come of it.
Get the pointes out of the closet.
I was already excited, taking ballet shoes with pink satin ribbons, and when I saw her shoes her feet in ballet shoes, I was stunned.
The foot entered the shoe like a glove.
She climbed up on her fingers, it was easy for her in pointe, she smiled and fingered her legs, keeping her balance.

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I kissed her gently.
– Quietly loved, let me undress.
I didn’t have to ask me, I’d section her instantly and I don’t remember the sweeter intercourse, except perhaps with a mermaid.
How are you Vika? Woman after all be nice too? – Of course, darling.
Come on, drink some coffee.
She dangled her legs from the bed, tied ribbons on pointe shoes (stunned!) And stood on her fingers and sexually stepping over to the kitchen.
Drank coffee.
-Favorite, I think I should spend the night in the water -Why? -I can’t do anything with myself, I am pulled into the water, I want a tail, I can’t stand it.
The legs are already like strangers, I already barely hold them together, they are pulled together – I want to feel the water with scales.
You do like it, ”she playfully raised her leg and shook it.
– I so missed the fin on my feet, it is so soft.
And the air begins to seem harsh to me.
– Be patient and pass.
The answer was a smile and a groan.
She breathed a little more.
I grabbed her and lowered to the floor, entered her wet vagina.
Sex was beautiful, but before I could finish, I felt her squeezing my sides with her knees.
– Sasha, my legs hurt.
Let them go, they must come together and then I can put the tail on.
– Maybe you shouldn’t – No, this is already impossible, I’m all burning.
I can not remain without a tail for a long time, I am a mermaid, mmm.
I need water, tail, Indeed, she was slightly trembling.
I glanced at my neck – the stripes on it were reddened, but they did not open.
– Sasha, I find it difficult to breathe, soon I will not be able to breathe air, you know.
The air is heavy, like sand, I can feel the gills searching for water, but I cannot open them.
– Maybe just lie down in the water? – No, I have to put on the scales and fin, then I can breathe the gills.
Without a tail, they will not open – I just suffocate.
Rather, bring the scales, but for now let go of the legs, I have to connect them.
– Good.
I got up and Vika immediately closed her legs.
They began to tremble and turned pink, I stroked them, but Vika jerked back, no need to have already burned, Take off the pointe shoes.
I untied the ribbons and barely pulled the shoes off my feet, they were so tightly compressed.
I went into the bath and took out the cabinet as thin as a net of fish scales with a shapeless fin at the end. When I entered the kitchen, Vika was lying, her legs trembled, she gasped and stretched her arms to the scales.
– LTD.
rather! She grabbed the scales and put her legs in her stockings.
Scales like stuck to the thighs.
The legs were clearly visible under the greenish scales, she pushed them further and the feet gently slid into the fin.
It was evident that the feet protruded into

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the middle of the fin. Online video sex free little girl.

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